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It seems like the National Guard may have increased their F-15 flights to spend some line items prior to sequester.
It defies comprehension how military types can fail to see how they are shooting themselves in the foot with current policies. Many residents and business now hope for the budget cuts that will reduce or eliminate the deafening roar of F-15s taking off with full afterburners and screaming over suburbs at angles that point the contrail straight at people sleeping or trying to conduct business.
9 DJs and producers on the ear plugs they wear, and why now is the time to start taking care of your hearing.
If preventative measures are all we have, then it’s about time ear plugs at clubs and shows lost their stigma and became cool—because the alternative is scary, to say the least.
I started feeling like I was losing some of my hearing in my left ear about two years ago, so I got really afraid and went to a doctor to get my hearing checked.
Last year I got into the habit of wearing sunscreen every day to protect my skin, so I also wanted to do the same for hearing by wearing ear plugs. I go out two or three times a week as well as DJing, and usually I’m right next to the speaker.
When I was 19 I had an audio internship at a venue and would always wear ear plugs at shows there.
Government often does that at the end of budget cycles so they don’t have to give surplus back to the general fund. Although county and congressional leaders have lobbied heavily to spare Kingsley Field from budget cuts, the public support isn’t really there because the base has been torturing the population with a complete lack of concern for noise abatement. At least he understood the connection between noise abatement, public relations, and public support in relation to budget allocations. The base is at risk (of failed public perception impacts on budget) because of a few stubborn assholes in charge. As festival season approaches fast, The FADER spoke to nine artists and DJs who spend their lives in loud environments to find out what kind of plugs they use—from the most professional to the most affordable—and why protecting their hearing is something to shout about. I used to listen to music on headphones even when I was around eight years old, and had slight ringing in my ears back then.
After a successful operation, I appreciate hearing, and I love music so why would I take unnecessary risks? Regular ear plugs that you buy at Walgreens just cover up all sound, they reduce everything by literally covering your ear canal. I spend my life producing records and playing music on some of the heaviest sound systems in the world; my ears feed my family, so it’s one of the most important things to me. Honestly, right now I just use the brands you can find at your local drugstore like Walgreens and CVS.

I still haven't got round to investing in a pair of professional ones; at the moment I've just got to stick to my neon psychedelic ear plugs. It is difficult to detect if the magnitude of flying has tapered off, but there is still enough to create disincentives from noise nuisances for other economy-boosting investments. They don’t buy homes when they hear that sound, nor will they start businesses if they have to compete with that kind of noise on their cell phones. Customs are made to fit your particular ear canal as well as reduce the level of sound, not just mute it.
Without ear plugs, the sparkle and hiss of the top end can feel more exciting, but it’s damaging.
Sometimes when I go in the crowd when I'm done performing to dance with my fans, I realize how loud the music is. I usually like to get the nude color so it blends in with my skin, even though my hair covers them. They are very durable and do a good job of blocking out annoying frequencies (and my neighbor's parties at 3am). When you get home [from a club], if you think about how your throat hurts from talking so much, or your whole body hurts—you might not be able to feel it, but you ears are taking the same beating. I knew that if I was going to last as a sound engineer, I needed to start protecting my ears.
They had a table set up at a festival I was working and were giving artist out endorsements.
But, they are a good replacement for me and could be good for people that want a better sounding ear plug at an affordable price. This is in large part because the current command at the base refuses to restore the noise abatement flight paths and procedures of the past. Either way, a smarter Guard leadership used to be very careful about limiting noise and pushing public relations with tours and junkets for leaders. Because the grim truth is, one day it might not fade; and once you have it, hearing damage is irreversible. It feels like you aren’t DJing behind a screen, which I felt a little with my old ear plugs. Several of my friends who are DJs or producers had tinnitus at the time; they told me how miserable it made them, and how stupid they felt for not wearing ear protection earlier. There was an ear plug dispenser in a studio where I was working so I made sure I stocked up! Detroit techno producer Carl Craig is one of many tinnitus sufferers—he's spoken out about listening to recordings of Tibetan singing bowls and practicing meditation to alleviate the symptoms.

If you go somewhere like Output, everybody’s like, ‘they need to turn the sound up!’ It’s like, ‘No they don’t.
I always have a bunch of them in my bag so when I'm out DJing or playing a show, they're there if I need them. Sometimes all it takes is one tipping point to irrevocably damage your hearing: last year, house pioneer Lil Louis had his career thrown into jeopardy when someone blasted an air horn inches from his left ear, causing permanent hearing loss.
I feel they are best when they are transparent: you don't feel they are there, but they are doing the job. Another friend told me how sometimes the tinnitus would drive him so crazy he wanted to end his life.
It's important to me because I'm not only thinking about my career, I'm thinking long term. I don't find my current plugs to be significantly different in terms of volume reduction or clarity though.
This is good sound.’ But if you go somewhere where it’s blasting your ear, then the sound’s bad. It’s the weirdest process, they fill your ears up; basically, you have this mold, and they keep the mold on file for you just in case.
Most of the time I have ear plugs in—my environment is in the 100-110dB range, which can permanently damage your ears in 15 minutes or less. And it can happen at any age: a couple of years ago, Grimes was forced to cancel a string of European tour dates after having problems with hearing loss and tinnitus, telling her fans she needed to urgently limit her exposure to loud music (she was only 24 at the time). I'm only 24 and I want to have a long successful life and career and to do that I gotta take care of myself. People are just so used to bad sound, that when they hear good sound they think it’s too low.
But now, if I’m away and I forgot them, I’ll buy somewhat more than just cheap stupid ones. I also wear [my plugs] in my gym classes because the instructors like to pump up the loudest EDM possible and everyone in the class is going to go deaf.

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