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Hearing Aids & Related Services There are more options than ever before for hearing aid and protective devices. Iowa ENT Center offers complete, comprehensive hearing aid services, from evaluation and testing to fitting and after-care. Consultation to discuss test results, determine treatment plans and explore expected outcomes.
Depending on your lifestyle and budget, there is a level of digital hearing aid technology suitable for you.
We have a dedicated clinical hearing instrument specialist on staff – Curt Pargeon, HIS, COHC. To see if you’re a candidate for a hearing aid or to schedule an evaluation with Curt Pargeon, HIS, COHC, request an appointment online or call 855-559-4368.
We can help you choose the best option for your hearing and customize your hearing healthcare equipment based on your listening needs and lifestyle. We’ll help you understand your options so you can choose the right hearing aid device that suits your lifestyle and fits your budget.
First, we’ll complete a comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine the specific nature of your hearing problems and to determine the best way to meet your hearing healthcare needs.
We’ll discuss the pros and cons of different hearing aid styles and technology so you can make an informed decision about choosing the best hearing aid device to fit your needs.
You’ll get a hearing aid device that is the right fit for your ear and your level of auditory comprehension.

Digital hearing instruments can also be adjusted over time to meet the changing needs of your hearing loss. The main section of this hearing aid is hidden behind your ear, but the receiver is mounted externally in a small tube fitted into the ear with a soft dome. Also known as BTE hearing aids, these hearing aids hook over the top of your ear and carry amplified sound through a tube to a custom ear mold inside of your ear canal.
This style of hearing aid is least noticeable because it’s custom molded to fit inside your ear canal. Also known as ITE hearing aids, this style of hearing aid is custom molded to fit in your ear canal, but it is larger and more visible than the invisible option.  The advantage of this option is that it’s easier to handle and adjust than the invisible option. We can fit you with specialized, custom-made devices to protect your hearing while working or playing in loud environments.
We can help you choose protective equipment that is specially designed for swimming, water sports, showering and ear tubes.  Custom-fit and -sized ear plugs are available.
Do you have trouble getting headphones to fit?  We can make custom ear pieces to improve your listening experience with iPod headphones, musician monitors and other accessories. Being hard-of-hearing doesn’t have to prevent you from fully enjoying your favorite electronic devices.
He is ready to help you with all of your questions about hearing aids and assistive listening devices, including fittings, repairs and reprogramming. This testing will tell us the extent of your hearing loss, reveal any possible medical conditions that could affect your hearing and suggest how well you might do with hearing aids.

Every person has different needs and can expect a variety of outcomes depending on the treatment that is right for them.
One of the challenges of getting a hearing aid, in addition to increasing the volume of what you hear, is improving your ability to understand what you hear. We’ll help you find the hearing aid batteries and accessories to keep your hearing aid functioning properly, and we’ll help you with any after-care questions or adjustments that you might need to feel comfortable and confident with your new hearing aid device.
These are not “your father’s hearing aids.” The technology for hearing aids has improved dramatically in recent years, with digital features to enhance processing, reduce feedback and noise, and improve the clarity of speech.
You will therefore find that RIE hearing aids are usually smaller than standard behind-the-ear hearing aids. This type of hearing aid is the most visible type of hearing aid and tends to be capable of more amplification than other hearing aid styles. An advantage of this style of hearing aid is that it’s less likely to pick up wind noise and is easy to use while talking on the phone.
Many people can improve their daily quality of life and have an easier time communicating with a hearing aid device.

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