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West of New Paltz, over a mountain road with hairpin turns, sits the Hudson Valley Resort in the town of Kerhonkson. We don't know all the folks who gathered to jam in the lobby, but, above right, you can see Rick Snyder on guitar and Bill Wisnowski (My Dad's Truck) on fiddle.
Folk Festival's stalwart played our showcase for the 2nd year in a row. It took me a little while to warm up to this one, but Ben eventually got his hooks into me. Take one part James Taylor, add some John Prine, throw in a dollop of Harry Chapin, and you have the voice of Joe Iadanza.
Once I looked at the credits on the CD liner, I was no longer surprised at the aural excellence surrounding Jenny Goodspeed's perfectly shaped, passionate vocals.
While there is some resistance for this guitar-centric reviewer to songwriters whose main instrument is the piano, there have to be exceptions.
When we first saw Shannon as lead singer for the Guy Mendilow Band, we were unaware of her full capabilities. The Creeking Tree String Quartet - The Soundtrack (2007), Side Two (2005), The Creeking Tree String Quartet (2002) A short while ago, I read a book called The Bear Comes Home by Rafi Zabor about a talking , sax-playing bear.
I recently purchased a Minelab GPX 4000, my original plan was to look for a 4500 or a 5000 but used prices were simply out of my price range, as a rule pulse induction metal detectors are not the ideal choice for searching in land so it's not something I would consider using all the time simply due to it's limited iron rejection, which is active up to around 6" deep. After using my machine for an hour I realised that it has a fault, the audio threshold had an intermittent broken sound, originally I thought it was the headphones but on further inspection I found it was the patch lead what linked the harness mounted battery to the machine, the headphone socket is inside the battery, sadly the GPX has no internal speaker. I managed to make a replacement lead but ordered a screamer pack from Staffordshire detectors.
It may be worth noting that the GPX 4000 does not have a loud audio sound, most people fit an after market booster amp, the gpx 4500,4800 and 5000 has a built in amplifier within the factory battery. The GPX range is something a little different, for a start it is a massive challenge to use inland for relic hunting, iron identification takes a keen ear and a fair bit of skill, so I guess deep down I wanted to give myself a challenge. The advantages of using a pulse machine such as the gpx can be massive, providing you know when and where to use them, my first outings were on pasture sites which I had detected before and for some reason had it in my mind the goodies were all now out of detecting range. Due to the nature of the pulse it can be badly effected by EMI (electrical magnetic interference) which can be picked up from a great distance, thankfully the gpx has over 250 channels to choose from, the whole range can be automatically scanned with the push of a button, combined with other software features EMI can normally be overcome in the field.

Battery consumption can be quite high and also the weight may be an issue to some users, most people use a harness with the minelab, especially when using large coils.
Those of you who know about pulse machines will realise, a pulse machine with any form of iron rejection is a colossal breakthrough in technology, some still say it is impossible to make a discriminating pulse work, but minelab have been using this technology for some years, so I guess we must be grateful for some iron rejection, after all this machine has been designed for finding tiny nuggets in the gold fields and not for relic hunting.
Two coil choices are available with the Minelab GP range in a wide variety of sizes, Mono coils or Double D, Mono coils can be slightly deeper but offer no discrimination, Double D coils can be used to reject iron, bigger coils tend to be better discriminators than smaller coils.
Now I have become more familiar with the GPX 4000 I know it's limitations for inland hunting, I am quite happy to have this machine gathering dust in the corner knowing it will earn it's keep when called upon, I would use the GPX for sites that have a productive area or previous hoard spots, highly mineralised soils where vlf metal detectors can only penetrate a few inches, area's of medium to low iron contamination such as woodland and meadows, archaeological digs where all metal is required. So from a obsessive metal detectorists point of view this is something that you should have in your armoury, as it only takes one find ! With her whiskey alto and good looks, we expected to see some time spent as a lead singer for a band.
The comparison that jumps out at this listener is their sonic resemblance to Peter, Paul and Mary.
Each of the three singers has a solid, smooth delivery so necessary for songs that seek to buoy the spirit. This CD, with its mostly traditional songs allows her the full clear soprano range as a singer of historical Irish folk music. Bruce's songs tend to be hard-charging, propelled by fast-fretted patterns and jaunty strumming. The poetry in the narrative was so evocative of jazz itself that it awoke in me the desire to once again lose myself in the complexities of my old favorite tracks by Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley.
After they appeared in a Friday night tricentric showcase, they were the word(s) on almost everybody's lips. This CD, with its mostly traditionalA  songs allows her the full clear soprano range as a singer of historical Irish folk music. The screamer pack is a scaled down battery and audio booster kit that fits onto the side of the control box, eliminating the need for the harness and the large battery, my unit was made by Doc's detecting in the USA it is supplied with 2 batteries, a good idea however so far I can only get 3 to 4 hours detecting per battery, I am beginning to think these small battery packs may be failing and not producing enough constant power for these hungry machines, if anyone has further information I would be grateful.
This was quite possibly true but what I had failed to realise is that these sites were also heavily iron contaminated, on one site my find rate was 99% iron. Conventional detectors do not perform well on bad soil, a pulse machine when set up correctly goes through this soil like it is non existent.

His voice does happen to fall somewhere (pleasantly) between early Dylan and the John Wesley Harding version. Many songs are inspirational and seem directed inward for the singer as well as for the listener. However, when Hilary takes the lead and Glen and Stuart sing backup, there's an exceptional power in the presentation.
Lisa is one of the three amazing Malvinas, currently on hiatus (one of them is a new mom, we hear). His voice does happen to fall somewhere (pleasantly) between early Dylan and the John Wesley Harding version.A  A former regionally (Pennsylvania) known rocker, his lyric talent isn't necessarily going to blow people away. Don't get me wrong the GPX 4000 dealt with a lot of the iron with ease, but it's a certain size and shape that gave a text book diggable signal you just could not afford to walk away from, the problems were made even worse because there were virtually no non ferrous signals to compare against the iron.
We came through with no problem, but later I heard someone say that as they probed through the mist, they were suddenly facing the concrete wall at the first hairpin turn. What we did see at NERFA was a solo performer -- a solid fingerpicker with a jackhammer thumb on the bass strings. With a light, feather-like vocal delivery, sharp observational lyricism and hooks that would grab Moby Dick, he's a formidable talent. The quartet is comprised of Andrew Collins on mandolin and mandola, Brad Keller on guitar, Brian Kobayakawa on bass and John Showman on violin.These guys have such prodigious chops, they can jump from folk, to bluegrass, to classical, to jazz, sometimes on the same number. Just as an experiment I took the CTX 3030  for a spin and it took nearly 45 minutes before I got my first decent signal, the iron contamination was awful, I wanted a challenge but this was no place for a pulse machine.
Listen closely and you can hear some of his father's power in his voice and it's apparent that he's inherited the family gene for writing and storytelling. Listen closely and you can hear some of his father's power in his voice and it's apparent that he's inherited the family gene for writing and storytelling.A  There's plenty of variety. While the rooms were a little smaller and the hallways narrower, everything still worked out, and everyone we talked to seemed to have had the best time ever.

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