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This circuit is easily to build, because it uses a single IC as shown in figure below.Before you read working this circuit.
Which as Detect ringing signal tone circuit Or ring tones on the telephone line, a signal incoming calls.

LED can be connected in series to increase, but less in proportion to the light.The circuit uses power from the telephone line. How this circuit works The called signal from the telephone lines is entered through C1, R1 Come to the bridge diode circuit D1-D4, D5 is the positive voltage at 20V supply to pin 1 of IC1 that KA2411 or CS8205 as the Telephone Bell Replacement IC. When IC1 is given the supply volt as I said, it will generator a ringing signals through the R5, to drive the Piezoelectric transducer BZ1 be a bell tone out to hear.The ringing tone light, we may reduce the R5 for low down. We hear the sound of the Oscillator 2 series, which differ by the output frequency chops to be a frequency generator circuits.

Then try to connect the telephone lines, then call come in, will be have hear the ringing tone, if the sound is not impressive, you can change the RC with formula given above.

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