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Now, there is a loud vibration in the structure of our house, above the indoor HVAC components, any time the heat pump is in heat mode. Since the vibration started immediately after the coil was replaced, I have to believe that either something was damaged or not done properly during the coil replacement - or - we just have a loud, but in-spec coil that is asserting itself - and our old coil was laid back and quiet.
Maybe there is a 'third way' - some sort of adapter kit that can calm the vibrations in a system that is in-spec, but on the loud side.

I am concerned about system damage that may be caused by this excessive vibration ? plus, its an irritating noise.
Similar vibration case was ?fixed? by changing the support from floor joist suspension (like mine) to blocks on the ground beneath the unit. He pulled all refrigerant into the condenser unit, checked the orifice at input to coil ? it was OK, pulled a long, strong vacuum on system, the vacuum held, he put system back on line and checked for leaks.

Then, he reduced the refrigerant charge to the correct level, while the system was in cooling mode.

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