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A wide range of tonal shades and its downright explosive dynamics are typical features of the Black Cube. These are due to the high-precision passive RIAA equalisation circuit located between two linear gain stages, which has been realised using low-loss precision MKP foil capacitors. The high-grade input stages of the latest generation ensure a low-noise reproduction; it’s not without reason they are also used in high-quality mixing desks and microphone preamps. The custom-designed power supply provides a large headroom.Quality meets versatilityDue to the maximum gain of the Black Cube virtually all common pickup systems from high-output MM to MC may be connected. A free slot for a custom impedance offers a matching termination even for demanding MC systems.

The Black Cube enables a new encounter with beloved music classics: owing to its excellent components and sophisticated circuit design, the sound is faithfully reproduced and with plenty of ardour, despite its tiny dimensions.
For the gain and impedance selection we only use switches with gold-plated contacts, of course. This is enabled by the cable between power supply and audio section and also by the compact dimensions of this phono stage which are typical of the entire Black Cube series.
The shielded cable is fitted with an original Neutrik XLR connector on the power supply side. Furthermore, the enclosure of the audio section is made of a non-magnetic material (aluminium) and its top lid is mechanically dampened.

The audio section contains additional modules for an efficient hum, HF and random voltage suppression. And we have also provided an extra hardwired plug-in location per channel for an immediate and direct action with no switch.

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