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Music on an iOS or Android device loses close to half of its audio fidelity when heard through inexpensive earbuds.  With the variety of products available in the online marketplace, selecting the best headphones for traveling can be tricky, especially for busy bees already trapped in meetings or airport terminals. Professional audio engineers invest thousands of dollars into their studio-grade headphones, but their needs are different from that of consumers:  In order to deliver an exceptional aural experience to their listening audience, an engineer must have access to the full spectrum of sound to eliminate unwanted noise and enhance the audio they like. Most people looking to buy travel headphones are chiefly focused on its “price-to-performance ratio”, or how much “bang for the buck” their purchase nets them.  Styles such as in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear offer varying levels of long-term listening comfort and experiences but not all are practical for travel.
We haven’t reviewed any products from Phiaton in the past, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t on our radar.
The headphones are almost completely made out of plastic, but that’s not a necessarily a bad thing. Phiaton says that the battery in the 330 NCs will last you around 14 hours with ANC and that was spot on.
The voices of the people around me remains but the hum of the train completely disappeared. In the midrange the vocals were definitely given a slight push to sit over the top of the other elements in most songs, but they didn’t take away from the quality of those background instruments. So the idea was to install a set of coaxials in for rear fill and a set for front stage A set of side panels was constructed from 18mm mdf Intially the plan was to install the coaxials and crossover on the same panel with the coaxials firing towards the front and the crossover recessed Preparation and Measuring The template used that comes with the JL C3. Finally got some time to make up my tweeter pods for my front stageThese covers are the clip off ones on the front windows. They make a number of consumer audio products that have received a good amount of praise from people who know audio so when we had the chance to review one of their products, we took it.
They’re super lightweight and even though the headband padding is also made of plastic, it’s strangely comfortable and doesn’t feel bad at all. All of the buttons have a nice click to them but they are a bit further back on the ear cup then I’m used to which leads to a good amount of fumbling when trying to change a song. A quick flick of the switch in either direction will raise or lower the volume, while holding it for one second will switch songs, and holding it for longer will fast-forward and rewind through the song.
It’s made to take out sounds under 1000 Hz, which is basically any low humming made by things like trains, planes, and cars. Basically, these are excellent for commuters who still want to be somewhat aware of their surroundings.
They’re not as bass heavy as other headphones, but they do give a good amount of emphasis to the lows. A good example is in the song ‘All the Time’ by Bahamas where the gritty guitar loses a lot of its detail in other pairs of headphones, but it still crunched nicely in the 330s. They do have awkward button placement and an extremely snug fit which kind of hurts at time, but at the same time that just might be worth dealing with it for everything else these have to offer.

This SQ set up will be installed in my Black Velociti as the other Velociti is used purely used for SPL purposes. Plastic wire tubing was laying around job done - wires protected Windows were put to the test and functioning 100%. In that pouch are even more accessories like the 3.5mm audio cable and the micro USB charging cable.
Once you get used to it you won’t have a problem but there is definitely a slight learning curve. It’s not entirely intuitive and I did have to go digging in the manual to figure out how to switch songs, but once you figure it out it’s not a problem. I haven’t gone on vacation recently so I couldn’t test it in a plane, but I take a train everyday and these worked perfectly.
You can take that a step further and hold down the play button on these for a second or two in order to feed in audio from the outside for about 30 seconds so that you can be even more alert without sacrificing music. The solo in ‘Howling At Nothing’ by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats made me jump at full volume since it sounded pretty harsh. The ANC is solid, sound quality is great, they have a strong Bluetooth connection, and you can fold them up for traveling. My goal with this install is to keep it neat yet effective and clear with LOW LOW bass…No taking shortcuts this time. Neither this nor the regular kind of tinnitus are life threatening beyond the aggravation and annoyance of putting up with it. You don’t often see on-ear headphones that are also noise-cancelling, can fold for easy storage, and claim high quality audio as a feature. Then you get the less fun, but equally important warranty information and instruction manual. There’s nothing easier than tossing headphones in a bag and not having to worry if they’ll be in one piece when you pull them back out. The only time they skipped was when I was physically testing the range and walking further and further from the source device. One interesting thing is the audio cable, which connects to the source device via 3.5mm jack but connects to the headphones through the micro USB on the bottom of the ear cup. The brushes and hi-hats were also somewhat cut off, but again that’s just if I’m nit-picking. All progress been made is with basic machinery and tools in the comfort of my garage and is proving to be time consuming but am enjoying every moment of the build. Its easy to sand and goes on super smooth which means less sanding and most of all its half the price of the above product..

There is no single treatment as everyone’s case is individual to them and the underlying causes must first be assessed. If you’re like me and get irritated by every little skip, these are sure to keep your blood pressure down. Normally I’m a big fan of a laid back, more accurate bass but these were just really fun to listen to. The roof lining was left was the idea is to strenghthen the roof and apply STP bomb which is much thicker than gold. However, it is often the case that the condition will clear up on its own or if the underlying cause is successfully treated.
They cling to my head strong enough so that I don’t have to worry about them slipping off while moving, but if they’re not resting on my ears just right then I end up having to take them off every hour or so to let my ears breathe. Call quality was also good enough that the person on the other one couldn’t tell that I wasn’t using my phone.
Once again the purpose of this build is to play notes that are LOW and Ear Humming whilst keeping road interference noise and rattles to a minimum. Direct from the UKMy MONSTER twins = Digital designs x 2 9912 QUAD CoilsRandom pic of the RF Dual twist cabling been run in sleeving for added protectionI popped in at Sound Limited to purchase a few goodies.
What time of day, what weather, after what food, any variable such as that could be taken into account. It is also important to note what makes it feel better as curing tinnitus is not purely a one – way street. That said if you’re a power user who prefers to leave your phone in your pocket and still have full control over playback, these will be right up your alley.
Keep an eye out, or keep a journal, and tell your doctor about your findings.Your GP may refer you to an ENT for further examination. If the underlying condition can be identified then that can be treated which in turn would resolve your tinnitus.
Cognitive behavioural therapy can also be useful in providing clear mental coping strategies. All the Whos, still a-bed,all the Whos still a-snooze when he packed up his sled,packed it up with their presents! Crumpit,he rode with his load to the tiptop to dump it!"Pooh-Pooh to the Whos!" he was grinch-ish-ly humming."They're finding out now that no Christmas is coming!""They're just waking up!

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