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Magnetic Stud Earrings - Hygenic, Save, No piercings, Can be used on the nose, anywhere on the ear and liphas got a powerful tiny magnet on the backRefrain from the pain of piercing by using magnetic jewelry. Kindle's Champagne CZ Magnetic Earrings - Gold Tone are the perfect solution for those of you with non-pierced ears that are sick and tired of uncomfortable clip-ons and screwbacks! These magnetic earrings attach to your ears using a strong but comfortable 6mm magnet, giving the appearance of a post earring. 1 carat, cushion cut champagne CZs set in Gold Tone metal make Kindle's Champagne CZ Magnetic Earrings - Gold Tone the perfect summer accessory!

Magnetic Earrings are a perfect way to have realistic looking piercings without putting holes all over yourself!  What I will do is add a few items below for you to look over, hopefully you will find something you like! We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. PLEASE do not bid if you do not intend completing the sale.Please adhere to shipping charges and added costs for combining!!!
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