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I am a jewellery designer who delights in fusing and transforming metals, uniting them with precious and semi-precious stones, and giving life to a piece that becomes magnified when worn by customers in their everyday outfits. Each item is available in silver (925 Sterling, 950 Britannia, or 100% fine silver), sometimes coming with 18ct gold plated or black oxidised silver, and a variety of coloured semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls.
Handmade silver plated Jewellery inspired by the ancient Ottoman world, each piece is hypoallergenic, lead & nickel free, ethically sourced & affordable!! Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!Kinky KnickersUniquely hand made lingerie using the finest British made laces & trims. Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!Angela Caputi GiuggiuAngela Caputi created the company "Giuggiu" in 1975 in Florence. Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!Hult QuistUnique fashion jewellery inspired by a mixture of different cultures. Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!Hamilton DavisThese gorgeous leather belts are from a small family business based in rural Somerset. Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!Modalu, LondonMade from the finest of leather, Modalu's iconic Pippa collection comes in an array of classic or trend driven hues and textures which evolve as to reflect the season.
Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!Connock LondonWe have a lovely range of products from Connock London which would make great gifts. I am inspired by the untiring work of my father who travelled extensively in search of exotic and innovative ingredients." Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!by bowWe are having a promotion of 30% off on this collection which is handmade in New York City, made from vintage & new materials mixed with 14KT gold & sterling silver! Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!Seven Boot LaneThis family-run company in Bath creates beautiful boots and shoes that stand the test of time both in quality and design. The boots are crafted using beautiful Spanish lasts, natural hand-finished leather, and the finest trims.
Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!Lisa Kaye BootsStep into the world of Lisa Kay London, for women who want not only to look fabulous, but feel fabulous too.
Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!Men’s SocietyStarted in 2012 in London by founders Hugo and Bella Middleton, Men's Society is a selection of men's gifts which fit their strict criteria of quality and style. Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!Sticks and StonesSticks and Stones is a family owned company, run together by Father & Daughter famous for its colorful collections and has become an integral part of the fashion scene in The Netherlands and throughout Europe. Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!ScarvesSumptuous silks, linen, finest cashmere & soft wool for a luxurious feel and to add a splash of colour! Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!Ria Menorcan SandalsThis traditional footwear from Menorca is now a fashion product that has fans from all over Europe.
Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!Western Counties JewelleryWooden beads add a natural look to any outfit!

Call us on 01647 433905 if you have any questions!Ubu, ParisThese beautiful modern creations stand out because of their very robust style and ethnic influences. 01647 433905If you need any help or would like to ask us anything at all, please give us a call or pop in to see us in the shop. Enter your email address and we’ll send you our occasional newsletter direct to your inbox. Today I am thrilled to spotlight on the fabulous jewellery company Four Beautiful Keys renowned for its beautifully crafted silver jewellery. Her brand philosophy is to create personal and enduring designs which compliment each & every unique person who wears them.
In a word of magnolia its ok to be a little bit colourful, have your wild moments, seize the day because time marches on and  life can pass us by.
Its incredibly well made, its quirky and it can make powerful statement in beautiful silver.
Its a wonderful gift for yourself, your loved ones or for your Bridal party who want something just a little bit unusual. Rosie Willett is getting married on 5th September and is unable to take orders between 1st and 20th September.
The Magnolia wedding tiara is a beautiful classic design, which is perfect for brides favouring a traditional style. Dainty ivory Mother of Pearl flowers are clustered together along a tiara band, amongst delicate strands of ivory freshwater pearl, Swarovski crystal pear shaped stones and crystal beads. All of our wedding headpieces are individually handmade, so we can tailor our designs to create a special piece for you.
I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the amazing job you did creating my wedding headpiece and jewellery! Vintage TiaraThis vintage focal piece of this Tiara was once a brooch combined with faux peals and clear crystals. Bespoke Fan TiaraWire wrapping and central daimate clasp fanned with wired faux pearls in creamy ivory. Gemstone PendantBlue Picture Agate wire wrapped with silverplated wire and suspended onto a natural leather thong. They have over a hundred branches world-wide and offers a selection of unique handcrafted pieces styled from sterling silver. Kinky Knickers were brought to the market by passionate clothing & retail expert Mary Portas who decided to create her own entirely British made lingerie fashion brand.

Giuggiu has grown rapidly & today is one of the most recognized names in the field of high fashion. Hultquist is an extensive range of feminine and bohemian fashion jewellery influenced by the classical Scandinavian look expressing individualism. The base is metal alloy and guaranteed nickel free, coated with copper and palladium which gives the plating a better finish and life.All stones used are selected Swarovski crystal, quartz, fresh-water pearls or Czech glass beads. Amanda Connock says "Connock London was born out of a love and respect for nature, native folklore and family.
With meticulous attention to detail they are instantly comfortable and engineered to last.
Their footwear designs have rapidly become synonymous with ideals of quality and charm and feature leathers sourced from the finest Italian tanneries. I believe we have have to have a bit of crazy, reckless spontaneousness to ourselves to make us interesting.
Headbands can be plain, ribbon wrapped or beaded and we can also change the colour of the crystal beading used in our wedding headpieces. It truly looks as if it were designed to go with the dress and I couldn't be happier with it. It looked just right with my hair, and it has a beautiful bohemian feel to it - just what I wanted!
Designed with comfort in mind, the focus is to deliver huge heaps of glamour, a generous sprinkling of sex appeal and a VPL free touch to boot….plus each pair comes with a little hidden message and the fun packaging makes them an ideal gift!
Angela loves to mix different materials, the result is original, colourful & unique jewellery. We get these in every year with many customers returning having enjoyed wearing them so much, a must for any summer wardrobe! Thanks so much for making such a fantastic piece - I'm really looking forward to wearing it on my big day. I can't truly put in words how happy and excited I am about the headpiece, it's just perfect!

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