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If you think that you have a hearing loss and would like to talk about it with an experienced audiologist, please make an appointment for a full hearing assessment.
There is no obligation to buy and you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns, learn the exact nature of your loss and consider possible solutions. The following list of questions, while not exhaustive, will provide good indication of any hearing problems.
If you have answered 'yes' to three or more of these questions, we recommend an in-depth hearing assessment with one of our hearing aid audiologists.
Normal ear plugs produced from foam or wax although effective at protecting the ears from high levels of noise and will give protection from 10 – 20dB, they also distort and reduce normal levels of noise that can make speech and music more difficult to understand and appreciate. The new Universal Ear Protectors now available as a reuseable, cost effective, ready to use earplug that is available in one universal size that will comfortably fit all ears. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Protect yourself from recurrent ear infections and excessive noise levels whilst still being able to hear warning sounds with these Swimming Earplugs from Auritech.

The Auritech Swim Earplugs are a new generation of ear plugs that are fitted with a unique ceramic filter. Protect yourself from infections and hearing loss whilst still being able to hear warning sounds with these Swimming Earplugs from Auritech.
I was pleasantly surprised to receive a telephone call within minutes of sending my request on-line. We even offer trial periods on some of our hearing aids, so you can discover just how much you may have been missing out on.
Other causes include hereditary factors, prolonged exposure to noise exceeding 85 decibels (the equivalent to heavy road traffic), illness, accidents or even some medications. A proper hearing test will determine the nature of your loss, whether you require further medical opinion and whether a hearing aid can help.
It will only take a few minutes and will test how clearly you can hear in different levels of background noise. There is no substitute for a proper hearing test carried out by a trained hearing aid audiologist.

I've found them to be very comfortable and they block noise other earplugs let through.It's a great price for two hundred nights of peaceful sleep. The majority of hearing loss is ‘sensorineural’, namely irreversible damage to the sound-conducting hair cells of the inner ear. The degree of loss can range from mild to profound, and most people with hearing difficulties can benefit from using hearing instruments.
Continuing to suffer with hearing loss can significantly affect our social life and our relationships, and often leads to a feeling of isolation.

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