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Yesterday, Thomas Hagan, the only person who admitted to murdering Malcolm X, was released by the New York State Department of Correctional Services.
Where this gets twisted is that, even to this day, speaking to some law enforcement officials can bind you in a crime you didn’t even know you committed. I also wonder how a man who killed a national figure and great man like El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz can be let go so readily by the judicial system.
I have always believed that Malcolm was murdered because of he changed his stance on the NOI and also about how to struggle. Many people who I’ve met and heard speak from the era of civil rights speak often about great expectations and missed opportunity. By definition, snitching is a means of alleviating oneself from a crime by telling on someone else whose committed a crime.

Then again, 44 years ago, I might have wondered how an auditorium full of people never saw who shot and killed him, or how a band full of purported peace seekers can act so opposite. For more of my writing, buy my book This Is Not A Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class, and Education, on sale now. Join the hundreds who get the freshest essays on race, class, and education from me once a week, every Friday.
That coupled with the recent Arizona immigration bill have made it a really hard week for those of us who seek justice daily to believe in this American system anymore than undocumented workers who’ve been dehumanized do. Their work, while certainly important, was often muddled by programs intentionally deployed to incriminate and confuse these otherwise tightly run organizations.
Often, people in neighborhoods where this terminology is prevalent mistake this as talking to any law enforcement official, even if they haven’t committed any crime whatsoever.

James Duane, law professor at Regent Law School, where he explicitly discusses the implications of having any conversation with local police.
WHITE HOUSE VIDEO MESSAGE: Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics Alejandra Ceja Discusses the Presidenta€™s Plan to Make College More Affordable WEEKLY ADDRESS: Making Higher Education More Affordable for the Middle Class How Responsible Is Obama for the Oklahoma Killing? The distrust of law enforcement agencies runs deep with anyone who doesn’t fit the mold of law abiding citizen, whether by race, religion, or beliefs. Since Malcolm is very seldom mentioned in high reverence during programs dealing with the era.

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