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You may have fond memories of curling up with a box of crayons and a coloring book as a kid, but coloring is no longer just child's play. Tim Nelson is a general assignment reporter for Minnesota Public Radio News, and a 20-year veteran of local news. The Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center is a global leader in sports and musculoskeletal injury prevention and rehabilitation, concussion research, diagnostic and interventional ultrasound, and surgical and nonsurgical management of sports-related injuries. The expansion is part of the 100,000-square-foot Mayo Clinic Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center building project, and is scheduled to open in spring of 2014. In telestroke care, the use of a telestroke robot allows a patient with stroke to be examined in real time by a neurology specialist elsewhere who consults via computer with an emergency room physician at another site which may not have neurology specialists (typical rural hospitals).
The study estimates that compared with no network, a modeled telestroke system consisting of a single hub and seven spoke hospitals may result in the appropriate use of more clot-busting drugs, more catheter based interventional procedures and other stroke therapies, with more stroke patients discharged home independently. When comparing a rurally located patient receiving routine stroke care at a community hospital, a patient treated in the context of a telestroke network incurred $1,436 lower costs and gained 0.02 quality-adjusted life-years over a lifetime. The improvement in outcomes is associated with reduced resource use (inpatient rehabilitation, nursing homes, caregiver time). The study was conducted by researchers at Mayo Clinic, Georgia Health Sciences University, Analysis Group. Mayo Clinic was the first medical center in Arizona to do pioneering clinical research to study telemedicine as a means of serving patients with stroke in nonurban settings, and today serves as the hub in a network of 13 spoke centers.
Recognizing 150 years of serving humanity in 2014, Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit worldwide leader in medical care, research and education for people from all walks of life.

16, 2014 — Researchers have found that using telemedicine to deliver stroke care, also known as telestroke, appears to be cost-effective for society. Mayo Clinic provides telestroke care by acting as a single source of specialized care – a hub – to connect a network of multiple hospitals – spokes.
Despite upfront and maintenance expenses, the entire network of hospitals realizes a greater total cost savings.
Although treating patients in a telestroke network is associated with higher upfront costs due to the setup of the telestroke network and more costly treatments during the initial hospitalizations, it can potentially lead to cost savings over a lifetime. Since the telestroke program began more than 4,000 emergency consultations for stroke between Mayo stroke neurologists and physicians at the spoke centers in Arizona have taken place. As Vivien Williams tells us in today's Mayo Clinic Minute, it can help us focus and stay in the moment. Mayo Clinic Telestroke is represented nationally, with hubs in Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota and serves more than 20 healthcare institutions in seven states. We have access right there to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic,” said Timberwolves president for basketball operations Flip Saunders.
You have better chances to win more games when your players are healthy.” The team is also going to host amateur basketball programs, like clinics and seminars, as well as as a skyway level retail outlet. The clinic had an presence at the Mall of America, but closed its “Healthy Living” outpost there last year.

And we want the elite athlete to be that beacon that attracts people.” Officials with the Camelot group thinks they finally have the key to success for what has been one of downtown Minneapolis’s most difficult blocks, said Phillip Jaffee, of Provident Real Estate Ventures, one of the owners of the building. An effort to graft a suburban shopping mall into the neighborhood has largely failed to live up to expectations.
The Lynx and Timberwolves announced last November they had planned to open a practice facility in Block E. They announced then that RSP Architects would redesign the exterior and interior to make the complex look more welcoming. You have the Mayo Clinic that attracts everybody, and our restaurants are going to attract everyone. So now you have the synergy that people are going to want to be down on this property with this fantastic location, Target Center, Target Field.
That’s the synergy we’ve been trying to get that’s been missing.” The project is expected to cost about $50 million and open in 2015.

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