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We will be phasing out support for your browser.Please upgrade to one of these more modern browsers. Goldenage International Celebrated the Office move on Wednesday 5th March, 2014 with an evening of Champagne, canapes, and with the Traditional Lion dance and cutting of a roast pig! Brand NEW Showroom fit out, come see the latest jewellery finding products and chat to GAI on your Custom Design Manufacture requirements.
We supply some of the world’s leading jewellery houses with their premium findings & CDM requirements. Our production process is carefully monitored to achieve the highest quality for jewellery components using only London Good Delivery Swiss & Australian fine bars gold for our alloys.
Fresh off the production line, newly developed and launched, an exciting new premium line of pave ball clasps! Ideal for bespoke jewellery houses in a range of yellow, rose and white gold pave set with choice of blue, pink, yellow and fancy sapphires (not shown in photo) to match every strand of pearls and gems you can imagine! The new range is available in sizes up to 14mm which are compatible for use even with the larger South Sea Pearl designs.

Goldenage International Exclusively offers a SUPER light weight plain Ball Clasp for all your stringing needs.
This SUPER Light Weight clasps are in high demand especially with the price of gold gone through the roof at its All time high prices! These Super light weight Ball clasp offers customers as balance between the need for carat gold findings without blowing the cost budgets! These Super Light clasps are up to 20% lighter than the standard range which offers pricing flexibility! Following months of development, Goldenage is pleased to announce the introduction of a range of silicone and solid gold earring findings to the international market.
The new range, available exclusively at Goldenage International, combining silicon with solid gold and silver inserts to form a new range of silicone butterflies for earrings. Benefiting from lower gold and silver weights, the new range is available in sizes up to 10mm in diameter meaning that they are soft & comfortable to the ears and are compatible for use even with the largest South Sea pearl earring designs. You are planning to have your wedding near a waterfall and cana€™t find invitations reflecting that theme that you like.

Beauty of Vineyard Wedding Invitations   The vineyard invites are just another unique way to announce your wedding day.
Imagine sending out your wedding announcement on a bottle of wine.The wine has a label with your wedding announcement on the front in a wood box, ready to ship. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. This is probably the most unique way ever to send out an announcement of your upcoming nuptials. The difference between regular wedding invitations and vineyard wedding invitations is that you are giving a gift that the receiver can keep as a keepsake or drink it and still keep the bottle to remember. It might not be as trendy as some invitations, but it is a unique way to invite guests to your special day.

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