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We all know that the colors we’re most drawn to can say a lot about our personality type, but did you know your favorite gemstone can give you clues into your future, your personality & more?
People drawn to blue topaz are calm and collected, often reflective and enjoying in the quiet moments in life. At approximately 5am EST, on April 4, 2015, a total lunar eclipse will be visible in North America. We’re finally lost in the beauty and rebirth that spring promises, and cute baby animals aren’t the only thing on our minds.
But what’s a modified mom-to-be supposed to do when the wonder of childbirth is momentarily overshadowed by the thought that her belly piercing will have to be traded for an expanding abdomen? Not only is safely (which includes finding materials that won’t cause a negative reaction) a concern for the pregnant woman, but also fit and comfort. Just like maternity clothes, belly ring designs for the expectant mother have become much more diverse over the past few years. Birthstone jewelry has always been popular, especially for holidays or as a fall-back gift on female birthdays.  In modern times, the stones themselves have changed, but has their traditional meaning changed too? For the year ahead, it will be an auspicious time to begin larger modification projects that require attention to detail and many hours or separate sessions to complete, like tattoo sleeves or ear cartilage piercing projects.  Ambition is sure to pay off in the long run as long as focus is maintained.  Happy year of the water snake!
Birthstone jewelry has become one of the most popular holiday gifts in recent years, so before the rush begins, let’s go over the basic precious and semi-precious birthstones so that everyone is calm and prepared. These are just the basic traditional, North American non-traditional, and crystal substituted birthstones that you’ll usually find in jewelry.  For customized birthstone items for mothers and couples, check out our selection here, and happy holiday shopping! The meaning of the Triskele (or triskelion) symbol is different in different cultures and contexts. The triskele has also been used by many other cultures over the years, and has a very different meaning in many of those.

Another modern interpretation is that is symbolizes and type of “trinity”, such as “mind, body, spirit”, or “past, present, future”. Their monetary value is derived from the coloration of the stone – the brighter the red, the higher the value. A total lunar eclipse can be seen once, about every two and half years, due to the patterns of orbit followed by the sun, the earth and the moon. Take out the jewelry and let the piercing heal (and get it re-pierced afterward, if the desire is there). Take out the piercing, but stick the jewelry through the hole every few days so it doesn’t close completely. Use a belly ring specifically made for the pregnant woman, created from safe, comfortable, and flexible PTFE (the material in these barbells is the same used in medical industries for heart valves and other surgical implants, so you know it’s safe).
Pregnancy belly rings are a fantastic alternative; not only do they have the flexible barbell already mentioned, but other great features keep you stylish while you’re carrying baby.
Not only can you choose to customize your piece with birthstones or names – many created by our talented handcrafted department – but you can get packs of multiple belly rings, or simple belly rings with different-colored balls to mix and match.
Some believe it could be a way to symbolize the concept of infinity, since it has been found at tombs in Ireland. You’re full of energy and if you’re fighting against something, the other side will rue the day. This stone is often used in psychic explorations and is strongly connected to the other side. Not to mention they were a part of the fabulous Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection!
It’s called a total eclipse because it only happens during a full moon, when the sun, earth and moon are in a straight line.

So if you’ve got a shower coming up and want your guests to add some fun to that diaper tree? They’re also known to bring good fortune and used as a symbol of noblemen in Indian and Asian cultures. Even though the earth is blocking the full spectrum of sunlight when this happens, the moon is still visible to the naked eye. Almost nothing else on earth makes us a boneless ball of goo like a sweet-eyed infant who depends on us for just about everything. Keep in mind that when the time comes to give birth, you will still be expected to take out the jewelry. This symbol pre-dates Christianity in Ireland, but has been used by Christians there, too. Because it features three spirals, Christians used it as another symbol for the Holy Trinity, similar to the triquetra knot. In this context, the triskele symbol is believed to mean action, progress, or moving forward. Have a wonderful, glorious, and healthy pregnancy, and much joy to you and your new sweetheart(s)!
This is a time to embrace change, explore your spirituality, discover your artistic creativity and just let yourself go. As an Aquarius rising in Scorpio, my plan is to let my curiosity and deep emotions guide my eccentricity into new experiences.

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