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You are about to be taken to our payment provider site to update your account information, Continue? An integral component of Jupiter Medical Center’s mission to improve the health and well-being of our community is access to clinical trials. Jupiter Medical Center participates in clinical studies and affiliates with national research organizations to deliver clinical trials to our local community. Deciding whether or not to enroll in a clinical trial involves careful consideration between patient and physician.
Jupiter Medical Center has a local Institutional Review Board (IRB) designated to review and monitor biomedical research involving human subjects.
Jupiter Medical Center relies on your charitable gifts to ensure the quality of all that we do for our patients and their families. Children’s charity Action Medical Research is calling on all keen riders in the UK to end the 2015 cycling season in style with its brand new London to Paris ride this September. The new route is positioned as being ideal for those who are newer to long-distance cycling as well as riders looking for a new challenge. He continued, “This ride is perfect for groups of friends or colleagues looking to take on a new and unique challenge – which is why we are also offering discounts for groups of five or six riders. Cyclists taking part will be raising money to fund medical research to help sick and disabled babies and children.

The charity has a passion for cycling and has built up a successful portfolio of events, which also includes the UK RIDE100 series. This is the latest version of our site (version 3.1) since we launched back in January 2008.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch via our Contact page, or for research & consulting enquiries, please visit our sister site MultiSport Research.
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Clinical trials are one of the most important weapons in the continuing fight against disease in addition to advancing all areas of medicine. Patient-centered, individualized discussion includes a detailed informed consent, eligibility screening and education of the benefits and possible risks related to the clinical trial. In accordance with FDA regulations, Jupiter Medical Center’s IRB has the authority to approve, require modifications in (to secure approval), or disapprove research. With its iconic London to Paris bike ride each July already a confirmed success, Action has launched a new end of season tour from 9-13 September 2015 to tempt tour aficionados and novices alike. It takes in the picturesque French towns of Cambrai and Soissons; and riders will be able to experience the beautiful views on offer whilst cycling 328 miles to the heart of Paris to complete the tour under the arches of the Eiffel Tower. Action is currently funding research into many conditions, including preventing early labour and developing treatments for babies affected by premature birth, helping children with disabilities and tackling rare diseases for which there are currently no cures.

Registration for the four-day London to Paris ride in September costs ?79 and riders must commit to raising ?1,500. These studies may offer patients the opportunity to receive new or potentially more effective therapies, as well as state-of-the-art approaches to treatment. Patients have access to research that addresses many aspects of cancer care, including new forms of treatment, methods of prevention, ways of screening for cancer, and ways to improve comfort and quality of life for cancer patients.
Study participants receive ongoing monitoring and follow-up by the research staff throughout their participation. The purpose of IRB review is to assure, both in advance and by periodic review, that appropriate steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of those participating as subjects in research offered by Jupiter Medical Center and its medical staff.
Jupiter Medical Center also participates in trials addressing general medicine, surgical outcomes and biosciences.

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