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Older adults are more susceptible to the harmful side effects of medications because their livers are less efficient at metabolizing drugs.
This medicine works by dampening activity in key parts of the brain, especially those involved in the transfer of events from short-term to long-term memory.
Prescribed for seizure prevention, nerve pain, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, and mania.
This is another kind of drug that dampens the flow of signals within the central nervous system. Prescribed for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, OCD, chronic pain, smoking cessation, severe menstrual cramps, and hot flashes. Antidepressants cause memory loss by blocking the action of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain. Painkillers stem the flow of pain signals within the brain and also numb the brain’s emotional reaction to pain. Prescribed for high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, abnormal heart rhythms, chest pain, migraines, tremors, and glaucoma.
This medication interferes with the action of key chemical messengers in the brain such as norepinephrine and epinephrine. These drugs are similar to antianxiety drugs and act in the same manner to cause side effects. Incontinence drugs block the action of acetylcholine, which inhibits activity in the memory and learning centers. Prescribed for allergy symptoms, motion sickness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and anxiety.
Gallagher Home Health Services of Carnegie Pennsylvania has been named one of the Top Agencies on the 2011 Homecare Elite list. Prescription medicine leads to more than 100,000 deaths annually and affects additional 1.5 million people to sustain serious side effects resulting in patient hospitalization. Any drug starting with “anti,” like antidepressants, antipsychotics, antihistamines, antibiotics, antispasmodics, or antihypertensives, will probably influence your acetylcholine levels. Some even refer to the popular drug Ambien as “the amnesia drug.” Ambien users are prone to sleep walking, night terrors, sleep driving and hallucinations. These medications have shown a capacity to produce states similar to coma or being passed out drunk while depriving the brain of the recuperative sleep it needs. Statin medications, which decrease your cholesterol levels, are presumably the most harmful group of drugs for your brain.
Cholesterol occupies one quarter of your brain and is essential for memory, learning, and fast thinking.
If you are taking any of these prescription medications, we advise you to consult your doctor in case you notice any adverse effects on your memory. In case you decide to carry on with your prescription medicine, reduce the pressure on your brain by taking proactive approach such as having a brain-healthy diet, doing more physical exercise your brain needs, as well as taking the proper brain supplements. Provide your brain with the healthiest environment so as to preserve your brainpower despite your medications. Wrapping In Plastic Wrap – THE BEST WAY TO BURN FAT, LOSE WEIGHT And DETOX YOUR BODY!
OK, usually on here I try to write about my experiences while occasionally serving up some mental health news and presentation of data. Antipsychotics are becoming more and more popular as they are being prescribed for many people outside the traditional market of schizophrenics. Now I’m sure if a drug rep were here right now, they would yell at me, grab a pie chart, and try to sue me into the Stone Age for saying that. Obesity and metabolic syndrome, with increased risk of eventual cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes, are significant problems for patients receiving antipsychotic drugs and are likely contribute to their decreased life expectancy.
And in spite of being on many antipsychotics, many times, not one doctor has ever said this to me. And AstraZeneca is going to pay a paltry $520 million after marketing one of their antipsychotics off-label (without approval) and giving people diabetes. And just based on personal experience alone, I can say that this is the worst class of drugs, has the most side-effects, and the most severe side-effects. Additional WritingsI write a three-time Web Health Award winning column for HealthyPlace called Breaking Bipolar.
The antipsychotics seem to push me more into depression,but I needed them for a mixed state at one time.
The reason ssirs and antipsychotics make you eat more is that it lowers your dopamine levels. When I wrote this though (it was a few years ago) a lot less was known, or at least publicized about the dangers. I used Zyprexa and IMMEDIATELY had side effects, weight gain was the worst, and many other problems, like thirsty all the time, loss of energy, loss of concentration. It may be the case that the diabetes was there all along and that _that_ was the illness that cause the symptoms to get prescribed the antidepressants in the first place. As for weight gain, the actual mechanism is not known; there are lots of studies that have been done on this.
What I do not get, and maybe you can shed some light is-when we, us BP folks take these drugs is the weight gain just default or is it from increased appetite, or what?
Did you know that many prescription and over-the-counter medications we take every day can cause dry mouth?
Many medications have been implicated in dry mouth, such as Viagra, Cialis, and 346 other medications all listed below.
Acetaminophen with Butalbital with Caffeine with Codeine Phosphate – Marketed under the brand name Phrenilin. Albuterol Sulfate with Ipratropium Bromide – Marketed under the brand name Combivent.
Amiloride Hydrochloride with Hydrochlorothiazide – Marketed under the brand name Moduretic.
Amitriptyline Hydrochloride Amlodipine Besylate with Atorvastatin – Marketed under the brand name Caduet.
Amlodipine Besylate with Benazepril Hydrochloride – Marketed under the brand name Lotrel. Amoxicillin with Clarithromycin with Lansoprazole – Marketed under the brand name PREVPAC.
Amphetamine Aspartate with Amphetamine Sulfate with Dextroamphetamine Saccharate with Dextroamphetamine Sulfate – Marketed under the brand name Adderall.
Aspirin with Caffeine with Orphenadrine Citrate – Marketed under the brand name Norgesic.
Atropine Sulfate with Benzoic Acid with Hyoscyamine with Methenamine with Methylene Blue with Phenyl Salicylate – Marketed under the brand name Urised. Atropine Sulfate with Hyoscyamine Sulfate with Phenobarbital with Scopolamine Hydrobromide – Marketed under the brand name Donnatal. Belladonna Alkaloids with Hyoscyamine Sulfate with Methenamine with Methylene Blue with Phenyl Salicylate with Sodium Biphosphate – Marketed under the brand name Urimax.
Brompheniramine with Phenylpropanolamine with Codeine – Marketed under the brand name Dimetane-DX. Butabarbital with Fluoxetine Hydrochloride with Hyoscyamine Hydrobromide with Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride – Marketed under the brand name Pyridium.
Carbinoxamine Maleate with Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide with Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride – Marketed under the brand name Balamine. Cetirizine Hydrochloride with Pseudoephedrine – Marketed under the brand name Zyrtec-D. Desloratadine with Loratadine with Pseudoephedrine Sulfate – Marketed under the brand name Clarinex-D.

Diltiazem Hydrochloride – Marketed under the brand names Cardizem, Dilacor, and Tiazac.
Enalapril Maleate with Hydrochlorothiazide – Marketed under the brand name Vaseretic.
Ephedrine Sulfate with Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride with Theophylline – Marketed under the brand name Marax. Fluocinolone Acetonide with Hydroquinone with Tretinoin – Marketed under the brand name Tri-Luma. Fluticasone Propionate with Salmeterol Xinafoate – Marketed under the brand name Advair. Hydromorphone Hydrochloride – Marketed under the brand names Dilaudid and Dilaudid-HP. Testosterone – Marketed under the brand names Androgel, Testoderm, Striant, and Androderm. Triamterene with Hydrochlorothiazide – Marketed under the brand names Maxzide and Dyazide. If you know of any other drugs that cause dry mouth or want to share your experiences with any of the above drugs and if it caused your mouth to get dry, please leave a comment below. It goes on to say that medications are probably what cause much of the dry mouth that we see in older adults. As a side note, it also says that there are over 500 medications that have been reported to produce dry mouth as a side effect… Maybe I’ll have to do more research and come up with a bigger list for a future post! I take 9 of the medicines listed and one more the pharmacist warned might cause dry mouth, trazodone. Thank you for such a great site with so much useful information– I have posted it on facebook in hopes others will visit and learn from it.
I started this site to help you have a better understanding of dentistry so that you can make informed decisions regarding your dental treatment. Pulpitis: What’s the Difference Between Reversible Pulpitis and Irreversible Pulpitis?
Circa 1 persona su 5 sviluppa regolarmente una fastidiosa afta in bocca, responsabile di dolore mentre si mangia, si beve o ci si lava i denti. Le afte, conosciute anche come stomatiti, sono piccole piaghe che possono manifestarsi all’interno della bocca, delle guance, delle labbra, della gola, o, talvolta, sulla lingua. Nonostante non si conosca esattamente cosa provochi le ulcere orali, molti sono i fattori di rischio tra cui la dieta: le persone che hanno una carenza nutrizionale di acido folico, vitamina B12 e ferro, sembrano essere piu soggette allo sviluppo di afte, a maggior ragione se intolleranti. Lesioni della bocca dovute ad un morso sul labbro interno, oppure ad un lavaggio dei denti eccessivamente vigoroso vanno a danneggiare la delicata parete interna della bocca e pare siano un’ulteriore causa delle ulcere orali.
Uno studio effettuato su studenti universitari ha dimostrato una maggior incidenza di afte durante periodi di stress, come ad esempio all’avvicinarsi di un esame, piuttosto che in periodo meno stressando la pausa estiva. Anche se chiunque puo manifestarle, i giovani e gli adolescenti ventenni sembrano avere piu spesso problemi di stomatiti, e le donne hanno il doppio delle probabilita di svilupparle rispetto agli uomini. Le afte appaiono di norma come rosse piaghe dolorose che possono essere estese complessivamente fino a 2,5 centimetri, anche se la maggior parte di esse sono molto piu piccole.
Sebbene le afte non siano contagiose, la tendenza allo sviluppo potrebbe essere riscontrata all’interno di un nucleo familiare, se sei soggetto ad ulcere orali, tuo figlio avra il 90% di probabilita di contrarle regolarmente. Possono essere necessarie fino a due settimane perche guariscano, durante questo tempo possono essere dolorose, anche se i primi 3 a 4 giorni di solito sono i peggiori. Le afte possono essere facilmente trattate con farmaci da banco, eventualmente indicato dal medico o dal farmacista. Infine evitate di mangiare o bere per almeno 30 minuti, per essere sicuri che il medicinale non venga immediatamente lavato via e abbia il tempo per agire. Se sviluppate stomatiti che durano piu di 2 settimane o non siete in grado di mangiare o bere a causa del dolore, rivolgetevi al medico. Le informazioni contenute in questo articolo non devono in alcun modo sostituire il rapporto dottore-paziente; si raccomanda al contrario di chiedere il parere del proprio medico prima di mettere in pratica qualsiasi consiglio od indicazione riportata.
Ho afte regolari alla lingua e alle lebbra da circa un anno…dovrei rivolgermi al medico? Salve sono anni che ho dei periodi in cui compaiono numerose afte ad ondate (nel senso diverse afte insieme con brevi periodi di assenza). Concordo sul fatto che non si possa fare molto, concordo sul fatto che l’aglio abbia interessanti proprieta farmacologiche (per esempio sulla pressione), temo tuttavia che in questo caso serva a poco. Salve, ho un’afta sotto la lingua, mi fa male e non riesco a mangiare, esiste un farmaco oltre al cortifluoral che serve a poco?
Salve dottore, ho da poco smesso l antibiotico per un mal di gola che mi aveva dato la febbre, ma adesso ha distanza di nemmeno una settimane ho delle bolle nel fondo della lingua e ai lati che mi danno dolore nel deglutire, la lingua e bianca. Soffro di afte da diversi anni, in certi periodi di particolare stress (esami universitari prima, scadenze al lavoro poi, …) ne comparivano addirittura 2 o 3 al mese. Un saluto e un in bocca a lupo a tutti quelli che come me sono costretti a combattere le afte! Salve dottore e da ieri che mio figlio ha febbre e da ieri aveva qualche bolla sulla lingua adesso non riesce a mangiare perche si sono arrossate e gonfiate le gengive cosa possiamo fare grazie mille . Mi sono recato in farmacia e il medico mi ha consigliato e fornito una pomata per herpes labiale, nel frattempo visto che la piaga permane mi sono recato dal mio medico di base il quale ad una prima visita non era sicuro se fosse herpes, poi quando gli ho spiegato i sintomi, ha affermato che puo essere herpes labiale. Continuo a mettere la pomata come da prescrizioni ma non noto da ormai 5 giorni nessun miglioramento.
Alcuni giorni prima della comparsa dei sintomi ero in terapia con antibiotico per tracheite. Salve,da un paio di giorni ho un afte sul lato in fondo della lingua dolorosissima,la sto trattando da oggi con il tantum verde.
IMPORTANTE: In nessun caso la figura del farmacista puo sostituire quella del medico, unico professionista con le competenze e la possibilita legale di formulare diagnosi e prescrivere farmaci. Clicca qui per visitarlo e fammi sapere cosa ne pensi; al fondo di ciascuna scheda trovi il modulo di invio dei commenti.
Le informazioni contenute in questo sito non devono in alcun modo sostituire il rapporto medico-paziente; si raccomanda di chiedere il parere del proprio dottore prima di mettere in pratica qualsiasi consiglio o indicazione riportata. Le informazioni diffuse dal sito non intendono e non devono sostituirsi alle opinioni e alle indicazioni dei professionisti della salute che hanno in cura il lettore.
Therefore, the kidneys eliminate them from the body more slowly, allowing them to accumulate over time. To know for certain if your pills are likely to cause you memory loss, ask your nurse next time they come to visit.
This can pose a problem, as brain cholesterol is vital to the formation of connections between nerve cells. As an alternative, your doctor may recommend non-drug therapies or a lower dose of your current medication. As an alternative, your doctor may recommend benxothiazepine calcium channel blockers or Trusopt. As an alternative, your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes, Kegel exercises, or adult diapers.
As an alternative, your doctor may recommend newer-generation antihistamines, such as Claritin or Zyrtec. Your nurse will be happy to contact your doctor for you about any side effects you are having, but they cannot write you a new prescription. Low acetycholine levels can produce symptoms that are very similar to dementia as well as memory loss, mental confusion, blurred vision, hallucinations and delirium.
Antipsychotics, like Abilify, Zyprexa, and Geodon, are the most profitable class of medication bringing in $14.6 billion in sales last year. But pie charts notwithstanding, people who take antipsychotic medications suffer from side effects like: acute dystonias, akathisia, parkinsonism (rigidity and tremor), tardive dyskinesia, tachycardia, hypotension, impotence, lethargy, seizures, intense dreams or nightmares, hyperprolactinaemia, decreased desire, decreases in short-term memory, and yes, a bunch of other stuff.
I’ve gained more weight on these medications than I care to recall, but in addition I have blood pressure issues, heart rate problems, and have experienced psychosis, severe fatigue, headaches, nausea, muscle twitches, chronic runny nose, and passed out thanks to these medications.

I am saying it here, and I am saying it now: these medications will likely make you fat, might make you diabetic, might hurt your heart, and will likely shorten your life. Except, ssris hi jack dopamine receptors to force more serotonin out of your serotonin receptors and even after you are off of them it affects you.
And many people who would say that whatever they experience on Seroquel is heaps better than they experience without it. Go you for researching, making a good decision and now (rather obsessively) taking great care of yourself. If I were you, I would get a different psychiatrist and a second opinion if yours is not taking your diabetes concerns seriously.
If something starts happening immediately after you start taking a medication – it is a side effect. What is known is there seems to be a metabolic disorder that occurs, so that's purely physical. When I got home I looked up my medications on the internet and found out that most of my medications causes dry mouth. Ma proprio perche relativamente comuni, non significa che queste piccole piaghe aperte all’interno della bocca debbano essere ignorate.
Non sono da confondere con le vesciche da febbre,  che sono piaghe provocate dal virus del herpes simplex e si trovano al di fuori della bocca intorno alle labbra, sulle guance o sul mento, o all’interno delle narici.
E’ piuttosto ricorrente infatti che chi smette di fumare soffra per qualche mese di afte, che scompaiono immediatamente in caso di ripresa del vizio. Nella maggior parte dei casi, le ulcere orali si presentano da sole, ma non e raro riscontrarne anche in piccoli gruppi. Usate quindi un cotton-fioc per applicare una piccola quantita di farmaco, avendo cura di non reimmergere il bastoncino nella soluzione dopo aver toccato l’afta.
Chiamare il medico anche se le ulcere orali si manifestano piu di due o tre volte l’anno. Attualmente ne posso contare 2 sotto la lingua due in bocca e una in gola, quest’ultima mi fa davvero male. Mi da fastidio di piu se ci poso i denti sopra o quando mangio mentre a riposo avverto comunque una sensazione di lieve bruciore, non doloroso ma comunque fastidioso. Sono tutti rimedi blandi quindi, senza aspettarsi miracoli, usi pure quello che ha in casa. Ho poi adottato i seguenti rimedi ed ora la ricorrenza si e ridotta a 2 o 3 episodi all’anno. And unfortunately, the older a person gets, the more medications they are generally prescribed.
They can give you more information and facilitate a talk with your doctor if you would like to change medications. Ask your home health professional about alternative ways to reduce the risk of side effects, such changes in diet, exercise, or health supplements. Antipsychotics are commonly prescribed for depression and bipolar, and recently have been FDA approved for treatment of children. Here it’s noted that schitzophrenics have a higher mortality rate partially due to the lethal side effects of antipsychotic medication.
Not one ever said that I’ll likely end up with cardiovascular disease and a decreased life expectancy. I’m also not arguing that for many people, myself probably included, the possible benefits do outweigh the risks. Then antipsychotics directly block dopamine, Doctors also say you can develop disorders of alzheimers, dementia and parkinsons by a higher percentage when you get older, Why is it that they don’t prescribe these medications to people with dementia and alzheimers in nursing because of increased risk of injury or death to these two groups. Your doctor can fill you in on the options, but there _are_ options and you have a right to try them if that is what you want. However, it is highly unlikely that said side effect will continue if you discontinue the medication. It is also the case that many people do seem to experience an extreme increase in appetite. I have polymyalgia rheumatica, giant cell arteritis, chiari malformation type 1, elhers-danlos syndrome type 3, obstructive sleep apnea, chronic migraine, essential tremor, chronic vitamin b-12 deficiency, nephrolithiasis, pednisone-induced hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and ocular hypertension. Not one of my pamplets about my medications said one word about dry mouth let along anything that dry mouth will do to your teeth!! Mentre le vesciche da febbre sono contagiose, le ulcere orali non possono essere trasmesse, quindi ad esempio un bacio  non e veicolo di trasmissione.
Durante l’estate solitamente vivo un mese (corrispondente al periodo di vacanza) senza o con qualche leggero evento.
A lot of forgetfulness in the elderly can actually be caused by the medications and drugs they are taking.
Do keep in mind that many of the following medications are life-saving drugs, and memory loss may be something you have to accept if you can’t switch drugs. Recently I weaned off of Seroquel XR and noticed my glucose readings dropped on my meter ~ total proof!! I just started Latuda two nights ago but upset I could not go without medication period and had to be put back on something again.
Sometimes people are very sensitive to medication and what they really need is a tiny dose but all the doctor sees is getting them up as high as they can when that may not be right for you. For myself, I have found the hunger so pervasive that no matter what I did, I would never feel full, yes, leading to overeating.
I have been told that I need all my teeth removed and I have extra jaw bone that will have to be removed by surgery as well as my three broken teeth.
Al tatto invece appare come una specie di brufoletto appena indurito, leggermente rilevato. Even when doctors insisted my medication could not cause it after I showed them pamphlets from the drug company themself warning about it. You don’t feel remorse or empathy and a person is apathetic and you lack motivation when a person is on them.
However, I was taking Chondroitin and Glucosamine which I researched and found one of the side effects is dry mouth.
I had the decompression surgery in September and despite complications am doing pretty well now! I think the medication companies should be held responsable for not informing people what their products and that they cause dry mouth and what dry mouth will do to your teeth!!!!
I had insomnia last night but I found that doxepin in low dose like 10 mg one or two capsules REALLY helps with that.
After being off all over the counter medications for a month and still experiencing dry mouth and eyes, my eye doctor prescribed cevimeline which has greatly helped my mouth and eyes!
Also there are movment disorders like tardive dyskinesia and tardive dystonia becuase dopamine is also important for basic neurological movements and motor skills. That is why it is so often after you are off these medications you need a pro dopamine med just so you can function. By the middle of the night my cheeks are stuck to my teeth, my lips can’t form a seal on a straw, and my throat is so dry I literally can’t swallow! The meds are just tranquilizers and should only be used for people for people who are truly insane or dangerous.
My lips are parted about a quarter of an inch and air from the c-pap machine is flowing out when I wake.

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