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This week we discuss several ways prescription drugs may be making us all sicker—whether through illnesses brought on because these medicines deplete critical nutrients in our body, or because we’re unwittingly consuming pharmaceuticals in the municipal water we drink. Now comes a study from a Netherlands university linking vitamin B12 deficiency with the use of metformin, a commonly-used diabetic medication. Coenzyme Q10—a substance found in our mitochondria—is an essential element in the creation of 90% of the human body’s energy. Ironically the first patent on statins included a patent combining them with supplemental CoQ10. It has long been known that toilets are a source of environmental pollution from active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) being excreted in urine and feces.
Perhaps worst of all, researchers have now found that the pharmaceuticals which have been turning up in streams and rivers may come directly from the drug plants that manufacture them. Effluent samples from across the country showed evidence of the drugs, but concentrations were all very minor. It is time for us to take control of our own Health and quit relying on the Government and people!!!!!!!!!!!!! Industrial waste still out performs municipal and private waste for not purifying the polution they spew. Because the citizens of this country as so apathetic that they would rather say “What Ever” instead of taking an action to write or call their elected officials in the home State or in DC, this Nation is doomed!!! If people actually came together in unity for like cause, , the very actions that we speak of would be put in check or eliminated. If pharmacy drugs help us recover from disease then we should all take them as a preventive therapy against getting a dis-ease. I live beside a state mental hospital, with its own water well, situated on a creek with a salmon hatchery and yearly run. Massive amounts of psychotropic medication is flushed by the hospital through the treatment plant into the sound and creek (tidal). I was struggling to come out of two decades of chronic fatigue and pain and went through a host of tests and medications.
I had already been researching the effects of my medications; I doubled my efforts to make sure that I understood the mechanism of each of them and looked more deeply into possible interactions.
On the plus side I live in Anchorage, Alaska and our city water is better than in most other parts of the nation.
And what about the effect of all these drugs going into the water shed and the animals whoo swim and drink the tainted water. When will our government put “We the People” as their first concern and not the profits of some few mega companies? It has always required an amazing amount of work to make public officials aware of their responsibility to curb the chemicals that seem so convenient or glamorous. As far as pharmaceuticals go, all one has to do is read the fine print BEFORE purchasing any of them. I say the best thing, maybe the only thing, we can still do for ourselves is to AVOID TAKING ANY DRUGS and learn how to get proper nutrition. Does anyone know if there are any whole house water filters that can filter hormones and pharmaceuticals? By better knowing your own wishes and needs you can create a better existence for yourself. Constipation is among one of those common digestive problems that are experienced by people in routine life.
There are multiple signs and symptoms that indicate towards occurrence of constipation in a person.
People suffering from the problem of constipation may try some home remedies that help in offering great relief from this problem along with its signs and symptoms. To normalize and optimize functions of the digestive system, you can have drink prepared by boiling mint and basil leaves in it.

Flax seeds may also be taken every day in the morning along with warm water to get rid of constipation. Incorporate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet so as to have good supply of fiber. Consume a glass of warm water to which lime juice and salt has been added on an empty stomach in the morning to get rid of constipation. Carry out exercises on regular basis as it helps in maintaining normal digestive functions.
As stated above constipation gives rise to other problems also that may be related to the digestive system or even other systems of the body.
Ramdev Health package for constipation is being used by large numbers of people all across the globe.
These herbal formulas that are used as active ingredients of the Baba Ramdev health pack for constipation offer various benefits to the users as mentioned below. Body is completely detoxified so that all the harmful wastes, toxins and chemicals may be removed from it completely. Digestive system is properly nourished so that no problems may arise in the task of clearance of wastes from the body. To better understand what checks have been made on your medicines, it’s important to check the label and know the difference between to codes listed on the label: ‘AUST-R’ and ‘AUST-L’.
In 2012, The Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) launched a large campaign where they urged consumers to ‘know all their medicines’.  CHF also called into question the marketing, efficacy and protections for consumers who may not fully understand the ‘Aust-L’ medicines they are taking.Do you think the TGA should test ‘Aust-L’ medicines for effectiveness?
I believe the TGA should either test all products for efficacy OR at least aim to better edicate Australian's on the differences between AUST L and AUST R. A lot more needs to be done in this country to help people understand their health and to allow them to be more accountable for dicisions related to their health. Our Health would like you to share your thoughts and add your voice to the conversation for better health. Our Health, Our Community is an initiative of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia - the not-for-profit national organisation that works to towards better healthcare for all Australians.
Our Health, Our Community is an initiative of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia – the not-for-profit organisation that represents the interests of Australian health consumers at the national level. Given that 10% of Americans are now diagnosed as type II diabetic—with up to 40% being pre-diabetic—the number of cases of metformin-induced vitamin B12 deficiency may be immense.
So Merck, the manufacturer, knew about the damage to CoQ10 from statins but chose to say nothing and do nothing about it.
According to the American Chemical Society (ACS), showers and baths are sending hormones, antibiotics, and other medicines down the drain—and right into our drinking water. Researchers from the US Geological Survey (USGS) looked at the effluent from two New York state treatment plants serving drug manufacturers, and compared it to plants not receiving pharmaceutical waste. By contrast, the New York plants that serve drugmakers released seven painkillers in massive concentrations—the highest was the muscle relaxant metaxalone. Our rights to fresh air, clean water, to healthy food, to choose what we put into our bodies is constantly under attack.
Every medication change requires the patient’s previous meds, stored in the pharmacy, to be dumped.
After seeing a heart specialist I was given another three prescriptions (Simvastatin, etc.) on top of the dozen I already had.
I realized that there was no real oversight of the medications I was taking by either my doctors or pharmacist and that each doctor just seemed to focus on their area of specialty without regard for the possible interaction with other medications.
Diabetics suffer from perpherial neuropathy and it is no wonder if B-12 is deficient in their bodies. And how do you remove the soup of chemicals, most never existing in nature before man’s invention, from our water. Permission granted to forward, copy, or reprint with date and attribution (including link to original content) to ANH-USA.

You can have guava fruit or guava juice as it aids in mucus production which in turn allows easy passage of stools from the rectum. All these help in triggering normal bowel movements and compensate for deficiency of water in the body. Even these may be combined with sesame seeds and almonds in the powdered form and consumed with warm milk or water daily to stimulate normal bowel movements.
This fact makes it clear that it is quite essential to get rid of constipation well-in-time.
It is because herbal medicines that are rich in herbs or other naturally occurring ingredients help in offering fast, effective and long-lasting relief from this problem.
People suffering from this constipation are using this health pack to get rid of this severe digestive disorder.
They include all prescription only medicines and many over-the-counter products such as those for pain relief, coughs and colds and antiseptic creams. They are used for minor health problems and include sunscreens over SPF4 and many vitamin, mineral, herbal and homoeopathic products otherwise known as complementary medicines.  AUST-L products are reviewed for safety and quality but are often not tested by the TGA for effectiveness. Please remember this is a community space and consider how much personal information you want to share.
The Our Health Our Community project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. The number of prescriptions written, drugs dispensed, and dollars spent are carefully recorded each year, particularly for those over the age of 65, but we’re doing a lousy job of quantifying the toll our prescription drug use has on our health because of nutrient depletions. Vitamin B12 deficiency is commonly manifested by memory loss, though it is also linked to fatigue, anemia, nerve damage (including neuropathy), and other mental changes. While some cardiologists advise their patients on statin drugs to take supplemental CoQ10, most doctors are poorly educated on the subject, and consumers don’t know to ask what nutrients a particular drug will affect. Ilene Ruhoy, director of the Institute for Environmental Medicine at Touro University in Nevada. We have this powerful senator (Waxman) who is really just a paid promoter of Big Pharma constantly attempting to take away our right to choose safe supplements over dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. The natural gas industry is slowly polluting huge sections of our country due to their fracking practice which it is contaminating thousands across this great country. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. It is comprised of different types of herbal formulas that help in ensuring that this problem is eradicated from its root cause.
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And topical APIs can have a greater impact on the environment than APIs released in feces and urine, because the latter have been broken down to some extent by the liver and kidneys. No companie is too big to fail when they participate in environmental polution, human genocide and massive crop failures in the ocean and on land for the next century or so. Women need to take her place and uphold the values of peaceful resolutions without the need to wear borrowed testicles.
They have made terrible chemicals that have already poisoned the planet’s water and food supply and now they want to change the plants so that they are not affected by the bugs and other parts of nature that are a natural part of the eco system.
Emotionally balanced men & women can climb high, without it there is nothing but defeatism. Although constipation is not a serious problem however it invites other problems too if left untreated for long time.

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