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Hear in Maine is an Alpha One program addressing hearing aid need and acquisition within Maine.
Audiologist is a person who holds a mater’s or doctorate degree in the field of Audiology. Hearing Aid Specialists are people who have been sponsored and trained by someone in the field of hearing aid distribution. The purpose of a hearing exam is to quantify and qualify hearing in terms of the degree of hearing loss, the type of hearing loss and the configuration of the hearing loss. The type of hearing loss is information that suggests the point in the auditory system where the loss is occurring. An Audiogram is a report that is generated by hearing tests which graph out a chart of your hearing loss. Hearing exams are generally covered by insurances, but you should always check before making an appointment to be sure. More than 75 percent of all hearing aid repairs are due to moisture and earwax accumulating in the hearing aid. Hearing aid batteries normally last 7-14 days when the hearing aid is used 16 hours per day. The sizes of hearing aid batteries are listed below along with their standard number and color codes. For equipment needs such as amplified phones, large button phones, door bell alert system, alarm clock alert, flashing fire alarms, etc. The purpose of this review is to provide feedback regarding the functionality of three differently manufactured bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA).
Note: My observations include having myself wear all three soft band head band BAHAs in order to experience hearing what my daughter is hearing as she is incapable of telling me herself due to being only two years of age.
I noticed that Alyssa seemed to favor both the Oticon Medical and Sophono soft band head bands over the Cochlear soft band head band and kept these BAHAs on for longer periods of time. The Cochlear processor can be turned off and on manually at the touch of a button where as both the Oticon Medical and Sophono processors have to have the battery inserted in order to turn the processor on and remove the battery in order to turn the processors off. As Alyssa’s mother, I have listened through and worn all three processors myself on my head with the soft band head band. I wore all three processors out to restaurants and to loud places such as malls and public restrooms and I was amazed at what I could hear through them.
During the period of time that Alyssa has worn her BAHA(s), she has managed to get them wet and get some food in them. When I had learned that my daughter had Atresia and was missing her ear canal, I began wondering how much she could hear in her right ear.
When all the sounds necessary for speech were initially graphed and a line was drawn around them, the shape looked like a banana. The audiogram below contains drawings depicting typical sounds and where they fall on the audiogram.
Some parents will believe their child does not require a BAHA and can hear just fine without one. I do schedule quarterly hearing aid evaluations for Alyssa in order to keep an eye on her hearing loss and to monitor any ear infections. Note: In both aided hearing evaluations, new batteries were used in the BAHA processors tested.
Additional Note: Cochlear launched its newly designed BAHA 3 Power (BP110) processor on July 15, 2011. Statement to the bone anchored hearing aid device manufacturers mentioned in this review: This review was not intended to criticize individual technology or pit any of the above mentioned BAHA models and its developers against one another. This site is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual.
In the ear (ITE): This large hearing aid works well for people with mild to severe hearing loss. Behind the ear (BTE): The BTE hearing aid can help with all types of hearing loss, from mild to profound.
Behind the ear open fit: This newer version of the BTE model solves the problem of visibility.
Typical problems with the outer ear (A) include ear wax plugs and infections of the auditory canal. Inflammation, fluid behind the eardrum, perforations of the eardrum and otosclerosis (a stiffening of the bones in the middle ear) are the most common problems to interfere with middle ear (B) function. Between “hearing well” and “hearing nothing” lies a wide range of different degrees of hearing loss. Studies have shown that people with hearing loss who do not use hearing aids experience more sadness, fear and anxiety than hearing aid users.
On the other hand, studies also show that hearing aid users experience a dramatically increased quality of life as soon as they start using a hearing aid.
If hearing loss is not corrected, it can result in physical issues such as tiredness or fatigue, headaches, vertigo and stress. The vertical scale indicates the loudness level of the respective frequency, from soft (top) to loud (bottom). If you continue to use the site without changing your settings, we'll assume you agree to this. The new MED-EL Sports Headband provides comfort and security for sports and many other physical activities.
TriformanceExperience the fullest, richest range of sounds and perceive speech and music more naturally.
RehabilitationCochlear implant users of all ages can practice speaking and listening skills with interactive and downloadable (re)habilitation activities.
Any problem in the outer or middle ear that prevents sound from being conducted properly is known as a conductive hearing loss.
Sensorineural hearing loss results from missing or damaged sensory cells (hair cells) in the cochlea and is usually permanent. Mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss can often be helped with hearing aids or a middle ear implant. A problem that results from the absence of or damage to the auditory nerve can cause a neural hearing loss. Hearing aids and cochlear implants cannot help because the nerve is not able to pass on sound information to the brain.
42 year-old male with no significant medical history presenting to ENT clinic after referral from PMD for perforated TM. Since then, the patient has not had any further ear pain or discharge but is left with persistent and constant hearing loss and ringing (high-pitched, non-pulsatile). AD: Decreased acuity to finger rub, EAC with some cerumen, cleared to reveal central perforation in posterior-superior quadrant of tympanic membrane. When going to places like restaurants, theaters, or traveling in a car, is it difficult to hear speech? The training for an Audiologist consists of not only hearing aid selection and fitting, but also detailed study of the ear and its function.
In Maine, a Hearing Aid Specialist is required to pass a written and oral exam in order to receive their dispensing license. The loss may be conductive (a temporary or permanent hearing loss typically due to abnormal conditions), sensorineural (typically a permanent hearing loss due to disease, trauma, or inherited conditions), mixed (a combination of conductive and sensorineural components), or a central auditory processing disorder (a condition where the brain has difficulty processing auditory signals that are heard).
Performance will vary depending on the style and type of hearing aid technology you are using.
Originally aided by the Cochlear Intenso BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) on a soft band head band in August of 2010.
When looking closely at the three soft bands I noticed that both the Otcion Medical and Sophono soft bands were softer or smoother in texture and a bit wider. As infants and toddlers tend to roll over, lay down more often, reach for objects, and put them in their mouth, it is more likely that an older aged child or adult would be able to wear the BAHAs with much more ease. I have also listened to the Cochlear and Oticon Medical processors with their tester pieces. For example, when dining out at restaurants and wearing the Oticon Medical and Cochlear processors set to the multi-directional microphone mode, I thought I was hearing peoples thoughts. I have tried a safety line with each processor and at Alyssa’s age, the safety line actually caught her attention most of the time and lured her in to where she would grab for it. Most of the time, I do not allow Ally to wear any of the three BAHAs during meal time out of fear that she would get food in them.
The most typical frequency and decibel for each speech sound has been graphed on an audiogram to provide information about what sounds can be heard at specific degrees of hearing loss. Jet planes, for instance, are loud, high decibel, high frequency, sounds while wind rustling leaves is a much lower decibel sound. In most of Alyssa’s evaluations, we also check to see how well she is hearing while being aided with her BAHA. The option for a BAHA should always be presented to a patient having a conductive hearing loss.
I am a mother of two biological daughters who are some of the happiest little girls on earth. Through this site and linkages to other sites, we provide general information for educational purposes only. The hearing aid industry is always improving with new technology and designs to make you hear clearly and more accurate than ever. In fact, it’s so small that a user must pull on a small wire to remove it from his ear.

Most outer and middle ear problems can be addressed effectively with medication or surgery. Conversations with loved ones, meetings, phone calls and watching TV can be particularly challenging.
They reduce their social activities, become emotionally unstable and have trouble concentrating.
They maintain better family relationships, have more self-confidence and experience more independence and security. Although hearing loss is often described as a percentage, it is too complex to describe with one number.
The patient last had normal hearing approximately 1yr ago when he noted acute onset of right ear pain, discharge, hearing loss and ringing in the setting of fever and a productive cough. The patient describes a history suggestive of acute otitis media complicated by TM perforation. It is recommended to get a copy of your Audiogram so that you can bring this with you to compare other brands, vendors, and services. Most insurances will not help with the cost of hearing aids, but there are a few exceptions, so again it is always better to check to be sure. It is extremely important to clean the entire hearing aid every time it is removed from your ear by wiping and brushing it. You can buy them at most general retail stores (drug stores, grocery stores) and also via the internet.
If your audiologist started you off with hearing aid batteries color coded orange, you can buy any brand of battery with the same color coding.
Loss of hearing is likely a conductive hearing loss with the absence of an ear canal and a functional cochlea. I heard every single sound from dishes clanking to utensils tinging and everyone’s conversations including the air condition and drink sippers. I often found Alyssa pulling on the safety lines and then taking the entire head band off along with the processors.
However, during 11 months to almost 18 months of age, Ally was teething and when she did pull her processors off, they went directly into her mouth.
I didn’t think that was so bad until I came a cross a bone conduction simulation video on line where you can see for yourself what it is like to hear at a moderate to severe hearing loss. A child that can hear the sounds of speech will have a much easier time imitating, understanding and learning spoken language. A child may be able to hear certain low frequency sounds such as [m] but not hear higher frequency sounds such as [s] and [sh] even with the use of hearing aids. Although every child is different and may react differently to a BAHA, I will tell you what I have observed with my daughter, Alyssa, when wearing her BAHAs.
Just know your options and know that a BAHA is an option that can help your child hear better when considered. Below are two of Alyssa’s evaluation reports that show how she is benefiting from wearing a BAHA. Although the BP110 is a bone conduction technology processor, it is also designed to meet the needs for individuals with substantial mixed hearing loss with sensory-neural loss. It has a nice tactile feel as you can feel it pulse against your finger to let you know that the processor has been muted or reactivated. I purposely decided not to rank which processor I believe to be the best on the market as each individual user is different and requires different needs from these processors.
Although the choice to aid a child should be presented, the decision should be left up to the parents. The information provided in this site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. Because it is so large, the ITE hearing aid is among the most visible of styles, but the battery lasts longer than in smaller aids, and it can accommodate directional microphones (more on that later) and other added features. Although this hearing aid is inconspicuous, its small size makes it difficult to adjust and change the battery. The case connects by a piece of clear tubing to a plastic piece called an ear mold, which sits inside the ear. A tiny device sits behind the ear and is attached by a tube to a minuscule speaker inside the ear canal. If this is not possible, permanent hearing loss can be compensated with a hearing aid in most cases. But loud noise, taking some types of medication, or skull fractures can also have a negative influence on a person’s hearing ability. It is an easy way to check whether the entire spectrum of speech is still audible and how a person’s hearing changes with time. The healthy human ear begins to perceive sounds starting at 0 dB and reaches the threshold of pain at 110 dB. For these reasons we've designed this leaflet as a service to our patients, to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about hearing loss and hearing tests. This process ensures that without your approval, data will not be transferred to the social networks.
He does not recall an inciting event (trauma, swimming) to this initial episode, and had no previous history of ear infections. Persistent perforation seen on examination today can result in the tinnitus and hearing loss the patient complains of.
They also have desiccants to absorb moisture and fans to circulate air around the internal components of the hearing aid. Batteries cost about one dollar each so on average, if you wear 2 hearing aids, expect to spend about $4 per month.
Microtia and Atresia is the result of a congenital deformity presented at Alyssa’s birth. At ten months of age, after having Alyssa evaluated by therapists from our state Early Intervention program “Imagine”, it was determined that Alyssa was delayed in her speech and communication skills. The Cochlear battery door (back panel) is easier to remove than to put back on, but without the included magnetic wand to help remove the battery, it becomes very difficult to get the battery out. Although I am not hearing impaired, but was able to hear what Alyssa is most-likely hearing, I thought the technology was ever so slightly tinny…as if one were speaking through a tin can. When wearing the Sophono (on its single-directional microphone mode), I soon realized how much of the background noise was filtered out from the noisy environment.
Although the safety lines give a sense of “security” knowing that they are still connecting the processor to the band, the safety lines did not work very well for us. If they are able to hear sounds within the speech banana when they are aided with hearing aids, there is a better chance they will understand that sound and be able to reproduce it in their speech. The following two evaluation reports will show you how Alyssa’s moderate to severe hearing loss measures within a normal dB range when being aided with a BAHA. All BAHAs on the market today offer excellent technology for aiding in hearing loss and are amazingly clear in sound. This hearing aid doesn’t require an impression for fitting, and it provides better sound quality than ITE hearing aids. These influences damage the fine hair cells and affect the transmission of signals to the auditory nerves. He saw his PMD several days later, was told he had a perforated ear drum and was treated with antibiotics.
However the marked sensorineural component remains unexplained, particularly given the patient reported previously normal hearing. Get in the habit of cleaning the hearing aid after each use and keeping the hearing aid in the dry-aid kit at night. I believe her skull was still very soft and this may be the reason for the marks as the BAHA fit nicely around her head and not too tightly.
The Sophono clip also lies very flat against the skull whereas the Cochlear clip is thicker and a bit bulkier and does not lie quite as flat to the skull.
Originally, I favored the idea of indicator lights on the Cochlear processor (amber LED for right ear fitting and blue LED indicating that the processor is off). However, at the same time I thought the Oticon Medical sounded very very clear with the Sophono and Cochlear following close behind. To briefly explain, the multi-directional mode microphones can help you or your child hear surround sounds (or in stereo) because of the three positioned microphones on the processor, one that is located behind their ear, one directly beside the ear, and one in front of the ear. Both the Oticon Medical and the Sophono processors were wet to the point of saliva penetrating the battery door.
As a child develops and grows older, the brain learns how to compensate for the hearing loss helping that child function within their environment as best as possible.
When the battery was depleted once, I noticed when I tried to power the processor back on there were a series of four different tones that sounded. It is important to try a few different manufactured BAHAs or at least a few models before purchasing a BAHA. There is no genetic evidence of Microtia or Atresia on either side of the parental blood line as far back as researched in my family.
Also, users sometimes experience feedback noise with this type of hearing aid because the microphone and receiver sit close together.
This powerful and adjustable hearing aid can accommodate progressive hearing loss, as well as growth, which makes it ideal for children. The downside is that it  works only on people with mild hearing loss who can still hear low- and mid-frequency sounds. While there is some evidence that acute otitis media can lead to sensorineural hearing loss, it is typically only mild and only in high-frequency ranges.1,2  Plan for further evaluation with repeat audiogram and MRI IAC, RTC when studies completed.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe it is time to get your hearing tested. As of seventeen months of age, Alyssa began leaving her BAHA on more and tugged at it less often. I originally favored the adjustable buckle soft bands that both Oticon Medical and Sophono have, but over time I have gotten use to all three including the Velcro adjustable band from Cochlear. I feel just as safe with a processor that snaps snugly into the abutment clip on the band when compared to being attached to the safety line. On the first day when Alyssa received her BAHA, there were tears of joy from both our audiologist and myself. As a result, many children and adults with Micotia and Atresia have learned how to get by in life just fine if they have a single sided hearing loss. In addition, observing how well a child with a hearing loss in the moderate to severe dB range can improve to within normal range of hearing when being aided by a BAHA. Sometimes, one BAHA model may be much easier to use, sound better, or offer advanced options that are better suited for an individual’s lifestyle when compared to another BAHA model. However, its size and the tubing attaching the electronics to the ear mold make it very visible. Prior to wearing a BAHA, Alyssa would rarely raise her head and respond to anyone who spoke to her or tried calling her (regardless of her normal range hearing left ear).
Also, when removing the BAHA she would sometimes cry as if she would still like to have it on. Even when trying to replace the battery, the “amber” indicator light would not turn off preventing me from shutting the processor fully down in order to change the battery. All three processors sounded fantastic and I was amazed at how well and clean and crisp I could hear sounds in the environment.
By switching to the single-directional microphone mode, the processors allow you to filter out the background noise from a head of you and from behind you to where your sound is now focused right beside your ear.
Of course, if a child is in school playing, it would be nice to have the safety line on so the processor does not get lost.
I am guessing this may be because of the Gortex rubber flap that lines the battery door on the Cochlear processor. Most importantly, it was my primary focus to help educate families with small children about the BAHA and help update them on the how important it is to know about your child’s hearing loss and how it may affect them.
If a BAHA is going to become part of your life and act as an ear(s) for hearing, then make sure it is fits comfortably and you understand how to get the most out of it so you can get on with your life as care free as possible.
I hold a Bachelors Degree in Biology and Psychology (emphasizing on pre-med) from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Alyssa soon began making sounds again and cooing and babbling after being fitted with a BAHA. Alyssa will now leave the BAHA on anywhere from one hour to over four hours during one days time when compared to keeping the BAHA on for only minutes to a max of one hour previously. This made me worry that it was not working properly or that I would cause a change to the programming. Both the Cochlear and Oticon processors were set to the multi-directional microphone modes where as the Sophono processor was set to the single mode microphone (only offers single mode). Regardless, each time I did remove the battery and carefully inspect the processors and put them in our “hearing aid saver” container. I honestly believe the earlier a child can wear a BAHA will help them to hear better in general. Aside from infants and young children, it is important to understand the programming features and how to get the most out of your BAHA as an adult in your environment. Even Alyssa’s therapists from our state Early Intervention program noticed that it appeared as if Alyssa had a light switch turned on and that she had become engaged with her environment.
In fact, I was disappointed at how easily the Oticon Medical processor can be removed from the soft band clip.
Quickly, I realized how simple it was to use both the Oticon Medical and Sophono processors because I did not have to worry about any indicator lights (although they can be disabled) or touching the wrong buttons in the wrong sequence.
When listening through both the Cochlear and Oticon Medical processors I could hear sound all around. Honestly, when I had the Oticon Medical and Cochlear processors on in public restaurants and at malls, I heard everyone’s conversations from the tables around me and walking past me, but had difficulty hearing my husband talking to me directly in front of me or just beside me. Although she tried to pull the BAHA off and reach for it to see what it was, she had become a different baby in just one appointment. Sure, you can always try a BAHA, at any age, but sometimes this may make it a little more difficult to adjust to because you have already been hearing your environment a certain way for years.
Ask your audiologist to help you learn how to operate your BAHA and how to help it learn to be as smart as it can for automatic changes when responding to your environment. For the past three and one half years, I have had the priviIege of staying at home with my daughters.
After the age of twelve months, Alyssa began reacting more to her environment by showing facial gestures and looking for sounds when she heard them on occasion. I found it easy to adjust the volume on all three processors, but favored the rotary dials on the Oticon and Sophono processors over the button switches on the Cochlear processor.
When hearing through the single-directional mode, I maybe heard some conversation from one table behind me or others near me, but I was able to hear every single word my husband said without having to strain. A couple of times, Alyssa’s saliva hardened and I could see the “white” residue in the microphone holes.
Again, a BAHA is a wonderful option that should be presented to patients with a conductive hearing loss so that they are given this option. Most of all, please educate yourself as much as possible about the loss of hearing in general. The middle ear includes the ear drum, three middle ear bones (ossicles) and the eustachian tube.
Since then, Oticon Medical has launched a new soft band head band that I have also used with Ally’s Ponto Pro processor. When I would present a sound for Alyssa I would witness her looking for it and she would try to look for it.
So, I now understand how important it is to know how to operate the processor and be able to understand how the different microphone mode settings can help within the environment. I just waited until it was hard and then very carefully flicked out the pieces with a toothpick without damaging the microphone.
Alyssa had become engaged and began showing excitement looking for sounds when before she often wouldn’t lift her head when spoken to (despite having normal hearing in her left ear).
The inner ear is called the cochlea and is the sensory apparatus of the ear that contains hair cells. Without wearing any of the BAHAs, she is non-responsive often times or simply can not find where the sound is coming from.
Many of the processors on the market are termed “smart” because over time, they learn to adjust automatically in loud environments to quieter settings and visa versa.
Since Alyssa is in the stage of touching everything while she eats, I just choose to not have her BAHAs on her during meal time. Regardless of what others may experience, I saw a difference and that is all I needed as Alyssa’s mom and to realize that I had found an option that could help her.
My most important job is being the best mommy and parent advocate that I can for my daughters. Hair cells, which are attached to nerves fibres, convert sound into nerve impulses which travel to the brain.
The sound quality of the Sophono processor is very clear, although when moving away from a sound the sound would become less evident due to the single mode directional microphone. For an infant or say a young child under the age of four, these wonderful options will most-likely go unused and unnoticed. The new Oticon Medical band looks almost identical, except that the connection is reinforced on the underside with a cross structure to keep the “abutment” from compressing and thus losing the connection resistance. I was relieved to be able to experience and understand what a difference it makes to be able to hear through different settings in different environments. I also realize how loud sounds can really “hurt” someone who is wearing a BAHA or hearing aid in general. Cochlear has also redesigned a new soft band head band that should launch during Fall of 2011. We have not yet had to send a processor back due to experiencing any problems with functional issues.
Cochlear’s newly designed soft band head band has a thinner styled clip for the abutment to attach to and the soft band is now wider and made of a softer textured material. I also wore Alyssa’s BAHAs around the house listening to water running in the faucet near and far and listening to my husband talk or the TV as I walked in and out of rooms.
The frequencies tested are those important for hearing and understanding speech and other environmental sounds.
With a mild hearing loss, there may be difficulty hearing and understanding someone who is speaking from a distance or has a soft voice. Having more hearing loss in a particular frequency region compared to others will affect the ability to hear the particular sounds which have most of their energy in that region. This loss of some speech components but not others can cause speech to sound muffled, unclear or distorted, even though it may be audible.

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