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The Monoprice Enhanced Active are a superb set of in-ear earbuds, with great noise isolation performance and balanced audio reproduction.
The Enhanced Actives are well-crafted, premium-looking earbuds, with decent build quality and well-thought-out button layout. How the headphones are designed to prevent them from slipping off your ears or falling off your head.
If you plan on using the headphones while doing sports or other physical activities that requires a lot of movement. When the material is heavy on bass frequencies, such as those of kick drums and bass guitar. The amount of deviation (weighted standard error) in bass frequency response (20Hz-250Hz) as compared to a target response that would sound perfectly balanced to most people. The amount of deviation (weighted standard error) in mid frequency response (250Hz-2.5KHz) as compared to a target response that would sound perfectly balanced to most people. When the material is heavy on high-range frequencies, such as voice, cymbals, and any other material where brightness, brilliance and airiness is desired. The amount of deviation (weighted standard error) in treble frequency response (2.5KHz-20KHz) as compared to a target response that would sound perfectly balanced to most people. When clean and pure sound reproduction is desired, though its effect is not as noticable as frequency response.

The in-ear design is not always the most comfortable fit and build quality could be slightly improved, but those are the only drawbacks to an otherwise outstanding pair of headphones. However, the in-ear design might not be for everyone, as the fit can sometimes be unstable and a little uncomfortable.
They will feel quite comfortable if you can get the right fit, especially since the angled design of the earbud fits snugly to the shape of the ear. The noise control module is simple and easy to use, with only one button to enable isolation. They stay in place during casual listening sessions and are stable enough for moderate physical activity.
The noise cancellation generator is small, very portable and built out of tough, durable plastic. The audio profile dips slightly in the mid-range and tends to hype bass and treble a little, but still caters well to a vast majority of music genres.
The over-emphasis in the bass unnecessarily bleeds into the low-mid region, making the sound a little boxy.
To make the score more perceptually relevant, more weight is given to the higher frequencies. The in-ear earbuds contribute a lot of passive isolation, which combined with the amazing active noise cancellation isolates the user really well.

The angled ear buds are also well designed and match the overall color scheme, which is accentuated by the glossy metallic brown. However, they may sometimes fall out from a gentle tug on the cable, which can be frustrating. However, the control module and long cable can easily get hooked on something and yank the headphones out of your ears.
Conversely, the dip in the high mids takes the clarity out of vocals and lead instruments and pushes them to back of the mix. So if you are hyper sensitive to high frequencies, sibilant mixes may sound piercing and painful. They also leak very little sound and would be ideal for noisy commutes and international travel, as long as you don't mind the in-ear design. They also don't offer any special tips to help maintain a stable fit, which is slightly disappointing.
Distortion is also rare, even at high volumes, resulting in outstanding audio reproduction performance that is easily recommendable.

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