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Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled and therefore may not display all features of this website. The OPPO PM-3 combines true audiophile performance, elegant styling, noise isolation and portability into a pair of sleek lightweight Planar Magnetic headphones. The OPPO PM-3 utilizes a planar magnetic driver that is developed from the driver in our EISA award-winning PM-1 headphones.
In the PM-3's planar magnetic driver, sound is generated by a very thin and light diaphragm which is driven in a symmetric pull-push manner, and the magnetic system and conductor patterns have been optimized for maximum sensitivity and consistency. The PM-3 driver's smaller size and high sensitivity overcome the shortcomings of traditional planar magnetic technology such as being difficult to drive and heavy weight. With the PM-3, users can easily recreate the experience of listening to a pair of flagship headphones on a flagship amplifier or a high quality 2-channel speaker system in an optimized listening room, but in a portable form factor that can be taken anywhere.

Technological breakthroughs achieved during the PM-1's development, such as the 7-layer double-side voice coil diaphragm design and FEM-optimized neodymium magnet system, have enabled us to reduce the weight of the planar magnetic drivers while maintaining excellent sound quality and high sensitivity.
This allows the diaphragm to generate very stable and linear piston-like vibrations, ensuring phase coherence and high resolution performance with minimal distortion. This all-new 55 mm diameter round driver is especially suitable for a lightweight close-back design like the PM-3.
Whether you are a newbie into headphones, or a hardcore audiophile fanatic, we're always on a lookout for exciting brands for you!
Tipping the scale at just slightly over 10 oz., the PM-3 is the world's lightest closed-back planar magnetic headphones. This driver would not have been possible without the breakthroughs achieved in the PM-1's driver design.

The PM-3 maintains the very natural and smooth sound signature of the PM-1, and is tuned to have deep, tight bass and a touch of excitement. Its elegant styling and exquisite workmanship make the headphones a pleasure to wear in public, and its light weight and exceptional comfort make it easy to listen for hours on end.
The closed-back nature of the PM-3 provides isolation from the outside world, blocking out the surrounding noise while avoiding sound leakage from the headphones.

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