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Recently I reported on my newly developing tinnitus and the research that I found out about how to treat it.
The most likely source of noise-induced damage for me would have been shooting guns, which I have done for many years.
This just means that I can experiment with any and all of the tinnitus treatment options that I summarized in the previous post that I linked to above. My favorite one is Ginkgo biloba, only because I have some research experience with this herb and I have done extensive literature review of the 1,000-plus research articles on it. I have been supplementing with 20 mg of melatonin nightly for several years, so I have that one covered.
The Ginkgo biloba supplement that I take is an extract that is standardized to 24 percent ginkgoflavones (flavonoids) and 6 percent ginkgolides (terpenes), which is the typical requirement in clinical research.
Anything that causes vascular constriction is more than likely to be a negative impact on vascular tinnitus.
If it comes to that, I will also up my B-complex and B-12 intake by converting to injectable forms, since that would be even more effective than the oral B-complex and the sublingual B-12 that I am taking now. I will post my progress as I see new results over the next few weeks and months, so stay tuned here (or be sure to subscribe to my newsletter by requesting my free supplements report here: Complete Nutrition). Although I am not personally concerned with this type of tinnitus, let me call to your attention the comment on treating this type with melatonin, as described in my previous post. 000000Someone on Spacebook asked me what my symptoms were, and why my sickness forced me to leave Louisiana. Headaches, SO bad, the last one to where I couldn’t open my eyes or do anything but curl in a fetal position for 2 days.
Immediately during and after my last trip to Grand Isle at the end of June, and all the way up till a few days ago, I continued to experience severe headaches, some cardiac arrhythmia, and the occasional doubled-over stomach ache.
Tonight I decided simply to Use The Force and mentally lightning-strike the poison out of this body, as well as the bodies of all those affected. Chlorophyll tablets and lemon juice work together to remove the benzene, and breathing deep helps. Peel a whole lemon and blend up the white rind, yellow meat, and seeds, and drink or eat it all. Connecting People Who Want to Leave the Gulf with People Who Want to Help (this link totally rules.
Thanks to Katrina, I live within view of the water in Long Beach, MS, although a block and a half away. The oil catastrophe has affected my nose, not so much my lungs, and now I can’t smell.
Unnoticed Series of EventsThe busy mind has the tendency to ride along the events of life unnoticed. This is the post that offers the list of treatments that I found and what you can expect from them: Ringing In Ears Goes Away.

It is well-known in travelers who sit nearly immobile in an airplane seat for a few hours at a time. Contrary to popular belief and marketing hype, it is not well-supported as a memory enhancer. I now take a time-released form of magnesium, 500 mg per day in 4 separate doses (to avoid the laxative effect), with double the amount of calcium to balance the two together. No other kinds of Ginkgo supplements measure up, so don’t bother with them if you are going to take this herb. At some point, if I am not seeing the results that I want, I will add hydergine and vinpocetine to my tinnitus treatment program. My heart goes out to the people still down there in the Corex-shit, working and living in our generation’s Tuskeegee Experiment every day.
To hold onto the bitterness at what the Gangster Party did and is still doing to this planet in the name of greed and power is to hold on to the poison in my cells. Please take a minute to tell your loved ones in the Gulf Coast region to drink lemon juice and eat plenty of dark greens, if they don’t know to do so already. The mind ignores the most obvious privileges given by the nature and processes of biological fusions of human development. I have upped my B-vitamins and at least once a day take B-12, 5000 mcg sublingually (which is more than 80,000 percent of the RDA, meaning that the government-defined recommendation is pathetically inadequate).
I saw video once that showed the veins in a patient’s hand becoming noticeably constricted only 10 minutes after taking a puff on a cigarette.
These are the final two herbal ingredients in the list that I posted at Ringing In Ears Goes Away. Dennis Clark on The Worst Diet in Human HistoryJulie hutchison on The Worst Diet in Human HistoryDr. Sore throat, stuffy nose, and a sticky persistent cough (you can hear that one in Billy Nungesser and Kindra Arnesen‘s voices on interviews). Vitamin C is a free-radical scavenger and should be taken every day, maybe multiple times — and the rind part of the lemon pulls poison out of your lower intestine somehow (Anna told me but I forgot). The mere motion of breathing, swallowing and all movement goes unnoticed until it has been taken away. I’ve just restarted taking 50 mg of zinc per day, which I had stopped a while ago when I forgot to reorder it. Also the last time I rinsed off my legs in rainwater on Grand Isle, it burned like liquid cayenne. The supplement EDTA removes unwanted minerals and metal substances, and drastically reduces the production of free radicals.
Taken away is an idea, a conception the human mind wants to brush aside to the corner of its eyes.
General poisoned-tiredness fatigue, like after working the Burnin’ Dude Gate Exodus and huffing the exhaust of 30,000 people all wanting to leave the Black Rock Desert at once.

The tannin in tea chelates iron and makes it insoluble so you tinkle it out, so to keep iron levels healthy, don’t drink tea during meals, only in between. I’ve heard of gardens dying suddenly, with white spots covering and bleaching the plants, as far away as Kentucky.
It is a given we have the freedom to breath, to move and to be granted the notions that makes us normal; it gives us a normal life.
If anyone out there is a nutritionist who can come up with a detox regime for Corexit poisoning, I’d love to repost it. The concept of creation is interpreted in the same respect that life has been created to live within an unnoticed series of events. These events are beyond our control and control is something we are never really capable of ever controlling.
We explore so many avenues to find and attract so many people to watch in hope they will always tune in at prime time for the 30 or so minutes we have for attention. You take away one or more of those essentials and all of a sudden something has disturbed your ride in life. Is it that time again that I noticed I have a privilege that has been taken away from me that I didn’t notice before?
It is not a familiar feeling for the busy mind who encounters a series of fortune that only fate and destiny are to blame for.
Blame comes when the minds that never experience such luck curse the day when those other minds win the lottery. I NEEED that MONEY moreee!” Now we have an unnoticed series of fortune, events and emotion, relationships and never ending amnesia of the unnoticed knocking on your mind. The feeling of losing privileges of life and the cliché of not knowing what you had until it is gone establishes tinnitus inside your ears. You have gone through your life riding along the events and fortunes given to you by fate and destiny. Why?” Why are you repeating the words that are trying to find you a means of comfort? Your mind is rushing and thinking about who is close to you, trying to fill in the blank canvases of those who have not asked about you so far. That, and you notice you might not have many true friends that have been exposed in your baptism of fire.

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