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Listen to your favourite bands without damaging your ears! With a lower SNR rating (22) than industrial ear plugs these little beauties plugs allow you to listen to music but at lower volumes. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Please note: All colours shown are representative only and actual shades may vary in production. All Minerva custom hearing products are made by hand so you may find that the striped widths of colour mixes on finished products are slightly different from those illustrated. Minerva Woodwind Music plugs protect, enhance and preserve your hearing letting you hear what you need by blocking out excessive noise and damaging frequencies. Giving an accurate audible representation in the form of complete fidelity allowing the music to be heard. Minerva Woodwind MusicPlugs give the perfect solution to high noise exposure; the deeply fitted custom earpiece reduces reverberation of sound in the ear, and a large vent lets sound escape. Each set is extremely comfortable, available to order on this site and will offer you years of protection, without impacting your performance. We offer our unique filter exchange program should you wish to change to an alternative filter strength to match your environment. The filters are interchangeable if you need to swap to a different filter strength as your environment changes.
Filters are tailored for all musicians and applications - hear clearly and play safely for up to 6 times longer, Hear what you need and block out what you don’t. Distortion of your own voice is reduced by a dynamic filtered design and acoustically tuned vent. As technological advancements are made and increasingly powerful sound systems hit the market, the decibel volume in bars and nightclubs swells louder and louder.
Workplace Health and Safety regulations dictate that all employees must have access to ear protection if they’ll be exposed to more than 85 decibels for more than eight hours. The reason for this is that symptoms of Noise-induced hearing loss, (NIHL), are so gradual in onset that sufferers are often oblivious to their ailment. Flange earplugs reduce the sound received by up to 20 decibels without compromising sound quality.
Our ability to hear is not something to be toyed with, but neither is our right to listen to loud music. Auritech Music EarPlugs are ideal for musicians, blocking out harmful noise and helping to prevent permanent hearing damage.

The unique precision-tuned ceramic sound filter has a higher than average noise reduction but still maintains clarity, meaning you can still hear the music.
Made from hypoallergenic materials and with a unique construction, these ear plugs fit snugly in your ear and will not fall out. These Pluggerz Music Ear Plugs are the perfect musicians and music lovers alike; a balanced attenuation for protection from excessive sound paired with the ability to hear everything clearly. Mack's Soft Foam Acoustic Ear Plugs are an innovative new design that combines the comfort and affordability of a soft foam ear plug with the clarity and protection of a reusable filtered ear plug. The average waiting time for this is 2-4 working days, but please allow up to 7 days for delivery to take place. Protect yourself from recurrent ear infections and excessive noise levels whilst still being able to hear warning sounds and conversations with these Swimming Earplugs from Auritech. Protect yourself from ambient noise including snoring, neighbour noise and traffic sounds whilst still being able to hear warning sounds and alarms with these Sleeping Earplugs from Auritech.
An average noise reduction rating of 29dB will drown out the noisiest of travel companions, with a unique ceramic filter meaning you can still hear normal conversation without muffling.
This is combined with the latest in filtering technology to reduce sound, without distorting it.
Most venues now have the capacity to create sound so voluminous that it causes a vibrating sensation in patron’s chest cavities.
While used to dealing with the 60-70 decibels (dB) of normal speech, they are not tailored to withstand prolonged exposure to anything over 85dB.
At just $1.99 it approximates the decibels in the room and allows you the option to hightail your ears right out of there. While foam plugs are cheap, with most being just a few dollars, the Flange tends to be more expensive.
There is no need to stop bouncing all night to the vibrations in your lungs but there is a need to stop listening to the buzzing of Tinnitus against your pillow. The absolute ultimate in music safe ear plugs, ideal for all music lovers who like to crank up the volume.
Orders that have just been received will be set to a status of entering until a member of our dispatch team processes it. The result is just like someone turned down the volume, keeping you safe and letting you get on with playing.

Often accompanied by a deep bass hit, it sure as hell adds to the atmosphere, but what does it do to your ears? The average levels in nightclubs are between 90 and 110 decibels depending on how enclosed the rooms are.
Enduring prolonged exposed to high decibel levels can cause problems inclusive of Tinnitus, permanent damage and Noise-induced hearing loss.
Unfortunately there is no controller built in to adjust the volume, so if it’s too loud then the best option is to leave.
For that reason they are not recommended for nightclubs or music events, as they will block out too much. For custom made varieties you will be looking at upwards of $50 but you can get a generic set for around $13 from Amazon. This is because woodwind musicians don’t just hear themselves through their ears, but also through bone conduction. These sound like things that will never happen to you, but if you’ve been going out to nightclubs at least once a week for six months then they probably already have.
When you place a foam earplug into your ear it will trap this bone conducted sound, making it reverberate and echo, distorting the sound of your instrument and causing pitch problems.
Without doubt the safest place to enjoy your favourite sounds are at live concerts as the sound is allowed the space to dissipate. Now don’t freak out – there are plenty of ways to protect your ears from great nights out (no matter how loud)! These are the type used by professional DJ’s, bands and people who are serious about keeping their hearing beyond the age of thirty. Sure, rocking out at your favourite club every Saturday night is part of your schedule, but the importance of the humble earplug is essential not only this week but for the rest of your life.

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