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The kids had already done some cool experiments with their teacher, and told me that the sound we hear every day is energy that travels through air molecules as vibrations. When I pulled out my trombone, the kids could see that the tube that carries the air from my lungs and the vibrations from my buzzing lips got longer when I extended the slide, making the sound lower. To make comb kazoos, fold a piece of tissue paper in half the long way (see photo), place it over a comb with the teeth towards the fold, and place your lips on the tissue paper. KPS Social SitesMeet LizScience writer, communicator and content-creator, singer, painter, banjo-player.
Fill two film canisters (or plastic Easter eggs) with a few beans, two canisters with a few pennies, and two canisters with a unpopped popcorn kernels. JOHNNYSWIM played an incredible, sold-out show at Music Hall of Williamsburg with support from SUNBEAR!.
When Amanda and Abner took the stage, the crowd screamed with excitement, instantly making it felt like the entire audience was made up of close friends.
When you're introducing a brand new French Horn to the world, you have to do it with style.

THE WILD HONEY PIE IS AN ONLINE PUBLICATION, MUSIC MEDIA, AND EVENTS PROMOTION COLLECTIVE BASED IN BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. WE'VE HAD OUR VIDEOS FEATURED ON THE NEW YORK TIMES, CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND, BUSHWICK DAILY, ALL THINGS GO, ROLLING STONE, AND HAVE PARTNERED WITH BURT'S BEES, SQUARESPACE, MAILCHIMP, KOHLER, JUSTIN'S, STEVE'S ICE CREAM, EVENTBRITE, SEAGATE, AND MORE. My daughter played her violin, and we heard how string instrument can make short sounds by plucking the strings and continuous sound when a bow makes them keep vibrating. Finally, we made the sugar crystals on our model eardrums jump around using sound vibrations from our kazoos. Bring either a tape recorder or a notepad and record the sounds that you and the children hear (birds singing, wind blowing, etc). Fans were lined up well before doors, almost reaching around the block for the dynamic husband-wife duo. SUNBEAR! Amanda even called out names of fans who had come to previous shows, making sure to play their requests. Save your draft before refreshing this page.Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.

We also saw that shortening the strings by pressing them down made the pitch higher as the string vibrated faster.
Have a discussion with children about the sounds they heard, and then let them mimic the sounds. The bone in our ear is named after the anvil because ita€™s shaped the same, but it is much smaller. Hanging off the side of the saddle is the stirrup, which is where you put your foot when you ride the horse.

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