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I have more respect for the mayor, who is a commie, has always been a commie, and even went to Latin America to support the commies. Lawman- he stood up for the cops when that 84 year old pedestrian with a bloody nose was on the front page of the post. The article said that the NYPD did 3,000 SQF's last month, about 100 per day.  Are there still cops out there who didn't get the memo? Every one of these stops is a potential lawsuit, and possible charges and specs drawn up by an ever aggressive CCRB.  Even though Commissioner Bratton is a real cop (unlike the paper clip cop who just left), do you really think One PP will stand behind you over a SQF incident?  Your 'leaders' will continue to run for the tall grass at the hint of any controversy, just to save their own azzes.
Now there will be more, and wont the mayor be surprised when his community policing ends up with more members of the community being shot by his community minded police. And even now, he seems like a welcome relief after 12 years of Kelly.But, things will be a lot different this time around.

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