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Namefully is proud to offer fast, FREE and insured domestic shipping on all your favorite name jewellery. Taking their design from the famous Carrie Necklace worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City, these beautiful sterling silver stud earrings grace your ears with a style that's all you! Namefully is proud to offer fast, FREE and insured domestic shipping on all your favorite name jewelry.

Featuring a beautiful combination of traditional sterling and rose gold-plated silver, these rose gold-plated hoops display your silver Arabic name with attitude!
These young, casual sterling silver name earrings feature a dangling design and clean block letters. Customers outside of the European Union (EU) are exempt from value added tax (VAT) and get 20% off on all products. Your e-mail is 100% safe - we will never publish your e-mail or give it to any third party.

20% will be deducted from the total amount when you select your destination country at checkout.
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