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Recent studies are now saying that the best way to deal with migraines is to combine alternative therapies with traditional approaches.
Will They Ever Stop?My story begins all the way back in 1997 when I was 7 years old and I had my first ever migraine. These alarming physiological warning signals can include blurry vision, flashing dots, blind spots and effect our other senses too.
It can last 72-hours or longer and the pain and nausea are so intense that individuals often need to be hospitalized.

Besides my triptan medication, I really like using guided meditations and hypnosis to help cope with my symptoms. These are the most important things I use to help me keep records and cope.You will also receive my free e-zine called Surviving Chronic Migraine periodically where I share more tips about pain management strategies and becoming resilient.
The catch twenty two is that medication withdrawal can also cause this type migraine disorder.
Give one a try and find what works best for you.Click here to share your most annoying migraine headache symptom.

Why do peoples ears ring randomly
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