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Testing to evaluate military utility of TacSat-4 was successfully completed for multiple UHF SATCOM equipment. Sponsored by Navy Warfare Development Command, Trident Warrior is an annual fleet experiment focused on gaining valuable insights to improve future capability investments. Kicking off the three-week experiment, NRL personnel conducted TacSat-4 SATCOM testing and training aboard the U.S.
Training and testing was successfully completed for multiple UHF SATCOM operations between Essex and Marines ashore using the Enhanced Manpack UHF Tactical (EMUT) Conical Logarithmic Spiral Mobile (CLSM) Antenna, an antenna typically used by Marines aboard in the Landing Forces Operations Center (LFOC) to communicate with forces ashore. A fielded TacSat-4 Portable Ground Terminal (PGT) enabled this SATCOM to network interface.
Week two testing evaluated the military utility of TacSat-4 for multiple types of UHF SATCOM equipment aboard Essex while sailing from San Diego, Calif., to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
Aboard Essex, TacSat-4 SATCOM voice testing continued with the Marines as the ship approached O'ahu, Hawaii. Trident Warrior 2012 is a key component for the TacSat-4 Military Utility Assessment (MUA). TacSat-4 was designed to augment current geosynchronous satellite communications using its highly elliptical orbit to by provide coverage in the high latitudes as well as to selectable theaters throughout the world. The Office of Naval Research (ONR) sponsored the development of the payload, the first year of operations and experimentation in Trident Warrior for Navy's MUA. Comment policy: We hope to receive submissions from all viewpoints, but we ask that all participants agree to the Department of Defense Social Media User Agreement.
On Friday I was sent a $50 gift card from Old Navy to use toward some new workout apparel from their Active by Old Navy line.
Old Navy got some big-time bonus points from me when I saw that most of their long-sleeved jackets and pullovers had thumbholes!
The one item I waffled back and forth on was the Women’s Active Compression Jacket in retro violet. In the end I decided against it because it felt like it might be a little too warm for running in the winter in Florida since it never really gets that cold.
I also bought the Women’s Compression Leggings in blackjack ($18) that you see in the above photo. I wore the leggings and pullover on an early evening hike with Ryan and Sadie to give them a test and felt comfortable the entire time. After our shopping adventure, Ryan suggested stopping by Feta, a new Mediterranean restaurant that opened in Ocala less than two months ago. Our meal began with fresh rolls that Ryan and I had no trouble polishing off as we waited for our entrees. For our main meal, Ryan and I decided to share the True Village Greek salad and the mousaka. I spent the rest of Sunday hiking with Ryan and Sadie before working for a bit and enjoying a light dinner before bed. With 53.6 percent of the votes, the winning book for the PBF January Book Club is The Secret Keeper!
I have just recently tried a few items from Old Navy’s active collection, and I was pretty impressed! Love that pull over and good to know that the Old navy compression pants don’t fall down when you run.

I’m a big fan of Old Navy’s workout clothes and that top you bought is super cute! I went to Target yesterday looking for new long-sleeved athletic tops and was disappointed that C9 hasn’t figured out thumbhores. This is the most basic musaka recipe that most people eat in Croatia, and everyone around me seems to love it so I hope you enjoy it as well!
Slate – The same Navy SEAL team responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden roughly seven months ago pulled off another successful mission Tuesday, rescuing two aid workers taken hostage in Somalia late last year.
The two aid workers are Jessica Buchanan, an American, and Poul Hagen Thisted, from Denmark.
The successful mission was announced early Tuesday morning in a statement from the president. This entry was posted in News and tagged Jessica Buchanan, Look What Happens When Navy SEAL Team 6 Meets Somali Pirates, Navy SEAL Team 6, Navy Seals, Poul Hagen Thisted.
They sure are, it blows me away when I think about the fact that people that play pro sports (not taking away their hard work and talent) make millions and millions compared to what the seals do.
But that’s not Navy SEAL Team 6 you see depicted above, nor, in fact, are you looking at real Navy SEALs at all. The 2013 Naval Historical Foundation “The Navy” art calendar is now available for purchase. The 2013 calendar is now available for purchase at the Museum Store at the Washington Navy Yard. Naval Research Laboratory's Tactical Satellite-4 successfully completes three weeks of intense testing, June 28, as part of the Navy's annual Trident Warrior Experiment 2012 (TW12).
This year's agenda included at-sea experimentation of critical maritime initiatives, and developing or improving tactics, techniques and procedures to aid maritime forces. Navy amphibious assault ship, USS Essex (LHD 2) and at Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity (MCTSSA), Camp Pendleton, Calif.
Marines ashore were afoot and in a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) equipped with 'eggbeater' omni-antenna using standard PRC-117F, PRC-117G radios. This included SATCOM to a simulated Forward Operating Base (FOB) or headquarters network for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), chat and file data transfers. Navy submarine USS Olympia (SSN 717) and the submarine Broadcast Control Authority-Pacific (BCA-PAC).
The 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment located at Kaneohe Bay on Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH), participated in this testing. Demonstrating ship-to-shore SATCOM with Marines, including On-the-Move Marines, and sub-to-BCA SATCOM was integral in showcasing the potential that TacSat-4 has for joint operators. Naval Research Laboratory is the Navy's full-spectrum corporate laboratory, conducting a broadly based multidisciplinary program of scientific research and advanced technological development. Obviously I was pretty pumped and headed into the dressing room with a bunch of new workout clothes to try on.
The material was nice and thick and I loved that it featured compression technology, but in the end I left with a super-cute heather gray stretch pullover ($15) that was slightly more lightweight. It’s really long (great for my crazy-long torso) and has a really unique and feminine neckline. They’re really long and ride up a little higher than other compression tights which I am hoping will make them a much better fit for running than the shants I wore on Friday’s long run.

They stayed up and didn’t chafe and the pullover was lightweight enough to keep me warm without making me sweat profusely.
I would love to try to make it at home but I’m a little intimidated so if any of you out there have a fabulous mousaka recipe that isn’t too complicated, I’d love to give it a go!
We don’t have Old Navy in Ireland unfortunately though you can pick up the odd item in TK Maxx!
I should google some recipes on line and see if it looks like something that would be fun to tackle! In a big pan add olive oil and cook potato rounds for 3-4 minutes on each side and set aside. Since there weren’t a lot of resources back in the day, they made everything super simple. They’re always really cute and comfortable without the huge price tags of lulu and athleta. The mission reportedly occurred shortly before President Obama took to the podium to deliver his State of the Union address. As always, sales help to support the Naval Historical Foundation and our mission of preservation, education, and commemoration of naval history.
TacSat-4 is a Navy-led Joint mission that provides Ultra High Frequency (UHF) satellite communications (SATCOM). MCTSSA personnel also trained on the NRL Virtual Mission Operations Center (VMOC) and successfully submitted satellite tasking via the VMOC mission-planning tool. It’s kinda shepherd’s pie-ish, so it has a fair share of steps but it was worth it to me! I buy their active wear frequently and can say that it is not only inexpensive, but also durable!
Now add your onion, garlic and meat and cook for about 4-5 minutes, and then add seasonings and cook on low for another 10 minutes.
The calendar is a tribute to the men and women who have fought to protect our nation, to deter aggression, and to maintain freedom of the seas.
NRL has served the Navy and the nation for over 90 years and continues to meet the complex technological challenges of today's world. I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way! For more information, visit the NRL homepage or join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
Since I live in Chicago and it definitely gets cold enough here, I may have to go swoop one for myself! Mix the eggs and milk in a small bowl and pour over the potatoes and bake in the oven for 30 minutes. I wish they would come to PB with me every time I go to Miller’s Field and stand in testosterone alley. Not sure if I’ve ever told this story on LobShots, but I went to one of their weddings awhile back.

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