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If you are very particular about perfection in finishing, please look in our regular categories.
This Teardrop Bridal Jewelry Set features an elegant teardrop design brightened up by multi teardrop crystals and numerous round rhinestones.
Check out malabar gold necklace with designer gold pendant or locket studded with gem stones paired with gold earrings. Check out south indian bride in designer long gold jada or choti,gold jadagantalu,gold armlet or bajubandh.

Check out Malabar 22k gold ear rings designs or models which are simple and light weight and weighs around 6grams. Check out Surekha Vani in Pachi necklace studded with rubies,emerald and south sea pearls paired with matching pachi earrings. Check out gold peacock pendant studded with pachi stones and southsea pearls by PS Jewellers.
It may be aged, may have been exchanged by customer in the past & may have light scratch and or dent, odd length, less shine than normally expected.

Crafted of 14k gold plated alloy, the Teardrop Bridal Jewelry, Crystal Choker Wedding Necklace Set makes a beautiful set to wear for special occasions and weddings.

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