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Step One: Buy 2 yards of cotton fabric, the sort that feels like men’s dress shirt material, no stretch. The Homemade Shrinky Test Lab (redux) - 108,199 viewsHalloween Couples Costume Ideas - 107,382 viewsHalloween Cocktails – Creepy Bubble Fun! Either party would most likely require you to ship off the gearset and the axle, in order to get a quote. If you get really lucky, the gears are basically a stock item requiring some finish work, but that isn't how mass production usually works.

The thing about old farm equipment, is that a lot of bearings, gears, seals, etc, used on them are standard parts, or where at the time.
Might be time to measure center distances, etc and see if you can reverse engineer it, especially to something out of the Boston catalog. I have a 5 foot John Deere that is rated at 85HP and it is driven by a heavy double roller chain.
I have taken old bearings, gears, seals, off old bushogs and trenchers to gear shops and driveline shops.

If there are three, including an idler, try rejiggering things to use a chain and sprocket setup, modifying the gears as mentioned to use welded on sprockets.

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