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With chronic conditions that are as pervasive and difficult to understand as Alzheimer's disease and dementia, doctors and researchers are constantly on the lookout for new treatment methods that can help manage or even reverse the symptoms of cognitive decline. As the Alzheimer's Association pointed out, treatment for dementia and cognitive impairment currently stretches across multiple facets. While these aspects of care are essential to managing the symptoms, therapy is unable to actually halt the progression of the illness. Recent research efforts have focused not on developing entirely new medications, but on exploring potential alternative applications of existing drugs. Researchers found that those who had received the insulin spray demonstrated a much higher level of working memory and thought organization at the end of the trial period than those who had only received a placebo. To date, early detection and treatment remains the most reliable form of Alzheimer's care. While research into potential treatments for dementia has been ongoing, there are still only a limited number of medications that have been approved by the U.S.

Learning and practicing coping mechanisms is important, but do individuals have any recourse to actually slow how quickly the disease develops? While some cognitive decline may be a natural part of the aging process, if you notice your loved one displaying increased instances of severe memory loss - to the point where daily functioning is being negatively impacted - it could be an early sign of dementia.
At the same time, therapy is often recommended to help both seniors living with the disease and their family members cope with the behavioral and lifestyle changes.
This is a question that researchers have been trying to address for years, with varying degrees of success. Scientists have experimented with a form of insulin delivered through a nasal spray, with hopes that the unconventional treatment may help alleviate common cognitive symptoms of dementia.
Don't hesitate to speak with a doctor about exploring additional screening methods before the symptoms progress any further. The drug can have stimulating effects on the user such as increased breathing, and oxygen intake.

These therapeutic interventions can often be beneficial for those who struggle to cope with the impact of dementia on typical behavior patterns. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are currently a number of FDA-approved drug treatments.
These medications help mitigate the symptoms of cognitive impairment by boosting activity of chemicals and cells in the brain associated with memory and other higher-level functioning.
However, none of the existing medications are currently capable of combating dementia at its source or reversing its effects.

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