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Retired: Nipple, navel x4, wrist, nape, MD, tongue web x2, lower lip piercings x4, nostril, helix, lobe piercings, septum, cheek piercings. I used a savlon spray on my nipple piercing which seemed to help, I know it not an ear but just want to help. Yeah the swelling doesn't seem too extreme considering you have had 2 in such a close space. Echoing what the others have said, and also make sure your head is slightly elevated when you're sleeping.
Also I doubt you will be able to wear a straight bar due to the angle they appear to have been pierced at.
But about the swelling, pretty much everything that has been said should really help with it.

Nox Ill be sure to post some photos once I'm all healed up which feels like forever away at the minute. O.O sorest thing i've ever had pierced and regretting it slightly at the min as i am in so much pain with it. Doesn't matter if you've had it done before, two piercings in one ear tend to mesh the swelling into one, which is why your ear structure's looking undefined.
I just left it alone and took painkillers and eventually the swelling subsided and its been fine since then. I can never read all the books I want; I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want. Idk about hydrocortisone though - but personally, I wouldn't put any cream on a new piercing as surely that'll just stop oxygen getting to the piercing, which can't be good?

High doses of ibuprofen and holding ice wrapped in kitcen roll -so it isn't too cold- against the swollen parts really helps bring it down for me. I've got some co codimol in my system (which seems to be wearing off after thirty mins) and some diclofenac I had on prescription a wee while ago for a car accident I was in for swelling. Don't use any creams, I have no idea if that one actually helps, but the swelling will decrease naturally.
You could start taking arnica, though it helps if you've been taking it prior to piercing its worth trying now.

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