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Even in game, the chat froze shortly after Kenya's release with lore pointing that she fell into a Heroic BSOD. Contrasting Sequel Main Character: To AJ, as while he was on a journey to kill the gods, Aooo is on a journey to restore them. She often fails to answer phone calls entirely because she'll enter a new location or go to the menu before the new inputs to click the phone are registered. Humanoid Abomination: Looks fairly human, but has various powers that imply she's not of this world. Do Not Call Me Paul: It has been suggested that, if her birth name is Aurora, she absolutely despises it. Intercontinuity Crossover: In Lavender Town, Ao-chan is thought to have seen a temporal imprint of Red, who was talking to a child about ghosts.
Invisibility: Has this ability, since sometimes the game glitches out and hides the character sprite.
My God, What Have I Done?: After releasing Kenya, she just stares at a wall for a couple of minutes. Our Werewolves Are Different: Said to be a werewolf, due to her name and the fact that she hails from New Bark Town.

Played for laughs when it's hypothesized that she only acts like a werewolf because she likes wolves that much. Pals with the Pantheon: Aooo has at one point or another had an incarnation of Skull, Armor, Root, Dome, and Helix fossils on her team. Perpetual Poverty: Ao's been losing her money more easily than she earns it, either by losing battles or by buying things she doesn't need (and sometimes then tossing those items). Meaningful Name: In Japanese, one of her possible names (Aoi) can use the character for "mountain". The Movie Buff: If one can get anything from this, it seems that she likes horror movies, mainly werewolf and giant monster movies. Temporal Paradox: If this is true, and Alice is indeed on Mount Silver, then Alice is either a time traveler, or FireRed does not take place in the future. He stole his first Pokemon from Professor Elm, hates Team Rocket for their weakness, and is revealed to be Giovanni's son. Dangerously Genre Savvy: In his second fight, he packed a Houndoom when none of Ao's Pokemon knew Water moves. Good Scars, Evil Scars: His sprite features one (albeit, hard to make out) over his right eye. Olympus Mons: Possesses a Registeel, which he used against Clair and Lance during his tag battle with Aoooo at the Dragon's Den. One-Letter Name Replacement Goldfish: Given that his name is '4' and Giovanni's son was named Silver in Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal, the implications are pretty horrifying.
He replaced his Aipom with Houndoom when the game was re-randomized, and then again with Kricketot. Shout-Out: Due to his name and appearance, 4 could be a reference to Quattro of Yu Gi Oh Zexal, if not the character himself.
His team's typing changed to the Ice-type, which is somewhat reminiscent of Rio Kamishiro's Ice-themed deck from the Zexal series, whom Quattro is often paired with. However, some of his executives refused to accept this and have reformed Team Rocket in order to appeal to their former leader to come back.ProtonThe first executive Ao encounters.

Big Creepy-CrawliesArcherThe final Executive Ao encounters and the interim leader of Team Rocket. Signature Move: Averted for the most part - due to the randomizer, there's a very small chance the leader will actually give a TM to the player that matches a move used during battle. This led to the interpretation that he was supposed to be either Water- or Ground-type, but he screwed up his party. Peek-a-Bangs Signature Move: Aqua Jet is seen as this, to the point of his gym being themed off it.
You Gotta Have Blue HairBugsy (Terry)Sprite source, Badge source.Following the third randomization, Bugsy was given a themed Gym of Ground-types. According to lore he gives trainers the Powers Badge, though Neolith, Hole, and Fossil have also been proposed. Cheerful Child The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: He had a Mamoswine on his team in his gym battle when a Swinub normally evolves at 33 to a Piloswine (and Piloswine to Mamoswine after another level-up while knowing AncientPower). Curb-Stomp Battle: She didn't stand much of a chance against Groudon, who completely demolished her team.
Sore Loser: After her team was curb-stomped by Aoooo's Groudon, she (understandably) threw a fit and refused to yield a badge for a while. Blackout Basement: His gym was so difficult to traverse in anarchy mode due to the narrow pathways (Aoooo only went so far as battling the first trainer before falling into the pit) that that's where democracy was implemented for the first (and curiously, last) time.
The Mob knew from the beginning that they could only navigate the maze in Democracy, and when the time came, it took several Democracy modes to get through.

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