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Clinical assessments to determine how the person copes and what area of functioning are affected by the chronic issue.
If you suffer with regular urticaria outbreaks then I’m sure you will already be aware of just how problematic having chronic urticaria (skin hives) is.
The following post is not meant as any kind of chronic urticaria treatment, instead it is here to offer a little guidance from someone who has suffered with chronic urticaria for a number of years.

Of course you might not think that a diet related blog such as this is the right place to post content relating to chronic urticaria but the truth is diet or specific diets are not simply about losing weight. When we talk about chronic urticaria here in this post we are talking about the more serious and consistent type of skin hives the type that many people suffer with over and over and not the simple and common skin hives which may be as a result of coming into contact with an allergen.
Although chronic urticaria is thought to be an autoimmune condition flare ups still often require a trigger.

Utilizing the correct diet can be used to control and treat all kinds of conditions and we intend to include posts which are diet related that may be beneficial to people looking for a dietary answer to controlling their specific conditions.

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