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When our twin girls were born in 2001, I knew I wanted to have their hearing tested as soon as possible. Since Amanda had the more severe to profound hearing loss in both ears, we had her diagnosed first at the age of 3 months and she got her hearing aids when she was 6 months old. My suggestion to all parents is: If your baby fails the newborn hearing screening at the hospital, PLEASE go to the follow-up appointment with an audiologist. Information on this website is available in alternative formats to individuals with disabilities upon request. Today, Rilee is a happy 7-year-old girl who has caught up to her hearing peers and enjoys being a language model for her baby brother. Hearing loss is a leading birth defect among newborn babies, and updated technology in the Speech and Hearing Center affiliated with the department of communicative disorders is allowing audiologists to identify and diagnose hearing loss in a new way. Statistics show that between four to six newborns in every 1,000 have some degree of hearing loss, which can range from a mild hearing loss to profound deafness. The Speech and Hearing Center in the department of communicative disorders has new technology for screening infants and toddlers for hearing loss. The center has become a primary referral site for follow-up testing from newborn hearing screenings. The center is the first facility in west Alabama to have this technology, known as a Vivosonic Integrity Auditory Brainstream Response (ABR) system.

Research has shown that the critical development stage for speech and hearing is from birth to three years of age. The testing program also gives students studying in the department of communicative disorders an opportunity to work with children to develop communication skills and be involved with parent counseling and educational recommendations, which provides a service to the community as a whole. The Speech and Hearing Center is located in the old Capstone Medical Center Building at 700 University Boulevard East. Don't wait until your baby is not on schedule with communicating and realize they can't hear. Words cannot describe how unprepared, overwhelmed, and scared we were as first-time parents.
Thanks to newborn hearing screening we were quickly able to detect his hearing loss and get him aided by the time he was 1 month old. Harrison is a busy 1-year-old who loves all the attention from his big sister and is working hard on keeping his hearing aids on his ears. To address this issue, most states, including Alabama, have mandated that all newborns receive a hearing screening prior to discharge from the hospital. Sedation may be required in traditional testing methods to keep the infant still, according to JoAnne Payne, an audiologist in the clinic.
ABR testing has been used for several decades, but this particular system allows the audiologist to perform ABR testing for hearing assessment without sedation, making it ideal for testing children of all ages as well as other difficult-to-test populations.

This has led health professionals to adopt what is known as a “1-3-6” rule where infants are tested by one month of age, diagnosed by three months of age, and intervention begun by six months of age.
Besides, the main purpose of the newborn hearing screening is to catch and treat all babies as early as possible so they can go on living normal lives! Yet over time our fears slowly subsided as we found ourselves amidst a strong network of professionals who could provide Rilee with exceptional intervention and allow her reach her full potential.
We were relieved to be able to know such valuable information so quickly and make the appropriate decisions for our family.
Every infant who does not pass this initial screening or who is at risk for hearing loss must be referred for outpatient testing. But a method known as auditory brainstream response can test hearing in babies without having to sedate them.
You see, hearing loss runs in my side of the family and naturally I wasn't screened at birth.

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