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Soon, your Bluetooth-enabled wearables should be able to talk directly to one another, rather than having to route all their traffic through your smartphone or another hub device. Bluetooth 4.0, otherwise known as Bluetooth SMART, enabled Bluetooth devices to communicate with one another while maintaining a low power draw. The first big change in Bluetooth 4.1 is the ability for Bluetooth SMART devices to better talk to one another. Finally, Bluetooth is starting to work on how it can get people away from having to rely on their phones or another mobile device to connect all of the devices in their life to the cloud.
Now, Bluetooth is working to build the capabilities for devices like routers and set-top boxes to interface with Bluetooth SMART devices, so that you won’t need to worry about whether a key Bluetooth-enabled device will be unable to phone home to the cloud if your phone runs out of battery, or accidentally falls in a toilet.
According to Jawanda, it should be possible for some devices to take advantage of the new features that Bluetooth is rolling out with Bluetooth 4.1 with only a software update, depending on what hardware the actual Bluetooth modem uses. In other news, we have confirmed with Cochlear that their new Nucleus 6 CI speech processor will have wireless programming through the Remote Assistant; and that the N6 is compatible with the ReSound Phone Clip Plus streamer for bridging to Bluetooth devices. UPDATED: Qualifying For Cochlear Implants: Were YOU Washed Out Due To Improper Speech Testing?

On the subject of audio streaming on BLE radios, assuming the audio is passed over L2CAP then it bypasses GATT.
Let us hope that the management of L2CAP channels is expedited through GATT services so that devices can always determine if another device is capable of L2CAP data channels.
Then that raises the hope that the SIG will announce an adopted service which allows this management.
The Bluetooth SIG set up a Hearing Aid study group earlier this year which is looking at the best way to support the very low power audio that hearing aids need, but it will be some time before that work is complete. It’s what keeps your Fitbit in sync with your phone, and sends notifications to your Pebble, without killing the battery of whatever device is being used as the hub for all of your Bluetooth SMART devices. Speaking to GeekWire at the GigaOm Mobilize conference this week, Jawanda calls it an “evolutionary” release that’s building off the innovations that came from Bluetooth 4.0. Right now, all of the data coming in from Bluetooth devices goes into your phone, and can then be sent out again.
While something like a fitness tracker or smartwatch may be just fine if you leave your phone in the family room while you go down into the basement and then come back in half an hour, more robust uptime is important for other applications, like medical tracking.

But they might have a router in their house that’s always on, their set-top box might always be on,” Jawanda said.
That said, don’t expect that your Fitbit will be able to upload data straight to the cloud starting in December. Bluetooth will be doing a full unveiling of the 4.1 specification in early December, which is when we’ll be able to dive into the nitty-gritty details about how all this works. Ideally, the presence of a standard service could tell the other end that it is available and go from there.
Under Bluetooth 4.1, developers will be able to make it so that when it makes sense for one device (say, a heart-rate sensing chest wrap) to talk to something like a smartwatch, that will be possible without having to use the phone as a go-between. While 4.1 brings the infrastructure for that sort of functionality, software and profiles for those use cases won’t be in place until “later next year,” according to Jawanda.

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