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A kit of colourful anodized Niobium earring findings - with 5 pairs each of earwires and headpins. There are 8 different colours - Bronze, Pink, Yellow, Green, Ice Blue, Turquoise, Navy & Purple. Niobium is Hypo-allergenic, making it comfortable for those with metal-sensitivities to wear. These earring findings are beautiful quality - I use these findings more than any other for my own jewellery making.

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They look great and are really safe and comfy for people to wear and my own customers love them. These earring hooks are lead free, nickel free, cadmium free, and meet the EU Nickel Directive.
The anodized coating is hard-wearing and does not tarnish, although it is only a surface coating, so take care when opening and closing these earwires to not scratch the wire with your pliers.

A good way to avoid this is to wrap a little masking tape around the jaws of your pliers first. Teal ear wires and teal jump rings will look nice together, but are almost guaranteed to be different shades.

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