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Being a musician and avid concert-goer, I was worried that when my kid came along, both pursuits would be curbed if not brought to a bloody end. This, of course, meant I would be back in those local concert venues two, three, four times a week, usually till 3 or 4 a.m.
This can be a daunting challenge for some, as parental concerns sometimes trump the desire to see the Devo reunion show or to attend Coachella for the weekend. A lesser concern of mine, but maybe a big one in some parents’ books, is the behavior of the crowd. Now there is always the possibility that the child will fall asleep or lose interest in the band you have so carefully chosen. Give this ear protection and hearing loss page a share with a friend and come back and get some ear plugs.
Procedure for Retrofitting Air-Conditioning from R12 Freon May 08, 16 12:48 PMRetrofitting air-conditioning systems properly provides the coldest air and best reliability. Have you ever been listening to music in your headphones only to be interrupted by someone chewing with their mouth open or the loud traffic outside of your window?
Investing in a pair of noise cancelling headphones can be a great way to enjoy what you want to listen to without worrying about any physical damage. Sure, when my little one was a brand-new baby, I made very few treks to the local clubs to see my favorite bands, and my number of gigs as a drummer dropped significantly. Then up at 7 with the kid to get her ready for school and begin either freelance writing or teaching drum and guitar lessons.
But there are ways to make it happen and, in the process, turn your kid on to the experience of listening to music in a group setting, which teaches lessons all its own. As a longtime sufferer of tinnitus, I am literally painfully aware of the damage loud music can do to young ears.

Drunken buffoonery can be entertaining for an adult to witness, but children might not understand why the giant, obnoxious beardo is pounding the face of that smaller, obnoxious beardo. They are rare, and when they do occur, why point it out as taboo or “bad?” I answer my daughter honestly if briefly, then direct her attention back to the music. Attending kid’s concerts is the perfect way to get her interested in seeing shows in general, and you can totally geek out at a Yo Gabba Gabba show. Also find out why the car mechanic that built it thinks you can fix cars with some good advice and a little practice. If you have not invested in noise cancelling headphones, it may be time to find a pair of these headphones that will work for you. When you have noise cancelling headphones you can be sure that your volume always stays at a reasonable level. Take your time to shop for the noise cancelling headphones that are comfortable, effective and within your price range. And that is to bring nature and art together in a way that inspires, awakens and excites your senses with every passing day, month and season. Of late – well, in the past two years, let’s say – I have found myself in an enjoyably awkward situation.
I always try to choose shows that are either at non-smoking venues or are smoke-free shows.
My disinterest in the ugliness of such behavior will, hopefully, encourage her to be similarly disinterested.
One could justify allowing the child to continue sleeping, but bed is the best place for a kid who’s zonked.
Over there you can learn more about other vulnerable areas of the human body you need to protect against injury.

With no outside noise to compete with, you can enjoy whatever you are listening to without doing any damage to your ear drums. After losing my day job, what was once a way to earn supplemental income and a method of expressing myself became my full-time job. And she’s now at the age at which I can take her along to various concerts I long to attend. If a physical danger presents itself, of course, we head for the door, but I can’t remember a time that has happened.
If the kid is about to enter Meltdown Mode because she can’t possibly take another moment of this crappy band, then pack up and head home.
Even at what you might consider a low-volume concert, if you are attending with baby, block those developing ear drums.
Even one of my favorite bands, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, demanded a smoke-free show when the violinist, Carla Kihlstedt, was pregnant.) You may have to make a few sacrifices when picking concerts to attend with the family or attend these shows by your lonesome. Better to leave when she is still relatively manageable, than to turn her off of the concert-going experience altogether.
Sure, some jackasses will light up in a crowd, but smoke dissipates quickly outside, and I always use these moments to talk to my kid about the dangers of the habit.
Dad’s not a prude, he just thinks smoking is really, really stupid and, at best, impolite in crowds.

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