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I see the BackBeat PRO as a headphone that focuses more on experience (easiness of use, features, and sound quality), than getting the looks to be clean, lightweight, and classy. It supports Bluetooth (up to 2 connected devices simultaneously) and also the standard 3.5mm connection (cable included in the packaging) when you run out of battery or need to hook it up to non-Bluetooth devices.
Plantronics BackBeat PRO is quite heavy on the bass but it doesn’t sound like Beats headphones.
I’ve been using it for practice (I play the Bass at church) and totally loving the powerful bass, again, without feeling overwhelming. The full cup design means you can totally shut the outside world out to be with your music. This OpenMic manages to capture even the most subtle sound, which is quite scary and jaw dropping in some scenarios. I’ve always been a fan of ANC headphones, especially if you like to travel on the plane with one. When I read that the BackBeat PRO can last around 24 hours for music streaming, I couldn’t believe it. Thanks to this, it will be literally days or weeks before you have to recharge the headphone again (up to 21 days standby time and 180 days in DeepSleep mode, according to Plantronics). The BackBeat Pro is definitely my headphone of choice for travelling and casual music listening at the moment.
Bluetooth headsets are something I’ve avoided for years, choosing to use wired headphones bundled in the box with the phone instead.
So with my hopes set high, I set about using the Tiny Talk headset for a few weeks and to see whether things had changed in the mobile world. The main selling point about the Tiny Talk nano headset is that it is small, tiny you could say. In use the nano headset was a fiddly little blighter, try as I might I couldn’t just quickly clip it onto my ear, in the past my brand of choice was Jabra and I used to be able to just slot the ear piece onto my ear, with this one I had to use a mirror, even then I was never sure if it was upside down or my ears are abnormal. Pairing was a doddle, using either my Galaxy Note II or my Ativ S, both just did what they should.
Sound quality wasn’t the best, with people I rang saying there was background noise present, I found them to sound not the best either.

Charging the headset is done by a small cable the has a standard USB type A connector on one end and a small connector at the other end.
In conclusion, I found the headset to be fiddly to use, this would be handy if you only need a headset for one or two uses a month or something like that, being made to use it every day would drive me round the bend. Podcasts have exploded in popularity since they first came onto the scene in the early 2000’s. Hard hard time finding cheap memory foam earbud tips, like the ones that come on the JVC Marshmallows. You also won’t have that funny feel like the air around you being sucked into your ears.
In my tests, it felt as if the battery just wouldn’t die from casual music listening and movie watching. Its battery life, its comfort, its Active Noise Cancelling feature, its intuitive controls, and its awesome sound quality and clarity. Made of a black shiny plastic, with one main button (MFB) to perform most functions and also a small volume rocker.
I settled for this way in the end, which felt like the clip was upside down, but it stayed put. It was easiest to make the call on the handset and have the headset just take over when the call connects. Calls took a few seconds to be routed as well, as the headset had to work out what was happening, send the instructions via Bluetooth to the phone and then the phone had to comply. The kind you roll between your fingers to heat up, insert into ear and as they cool they expand, blocking out ear-killing exhaust noise and clearing up your tunes!
Everything sounds so clear and there were times when I was in awe for finding new music instruments on songs I’ve listened to many times. The focus is still on high frequencies but once the bass comes in, oh, you’ll feel it! The OpenMic feature lets you listen to your surroundings so you don’t have to take your headphones off or pause your music.
On a flight to Sydney last week, I was amazed at how much cabin noise was suppressed by the ANC.

In reality, of course, you probably won’t be wearing a headphone for  24 hours straight. Though the headphone feels bulky to wear and the design is not classy, its heavy padding on the ear cushions make it really comfortable to wear and its sound quality makes it worthwhile to wear for hours. The ear clips rotates around the ear piece meaning that you can wear it either your left or right ear.
With Android voice dialling exists as a feature of Google Now but that doesn’t connect through to the main button on the headset. It’s probably not something that I would personally wear while having a walk on the road, but each to their own opinion. Even playing Angry Birds Epic sounds epic with the BackBeat PRO (pun intended, but with a serious remark). You can also see a huge “L” and “R” on the inner lines of the ear cushions – which makes it really easy to know which cushions go to which ears (that same struggle we always have), but it does make the design look less “clean”.
They are super comfortable, which means you can wear the BackBeat PRO for a longer period of time. More often than not, however, I set the music volume too loud that I’ve already missed a couple of public announcements.
It unfortunately doesn’t come with an airplane adapter, but you can get it from eBay for a few dollars.
The Flents Quiet time ear plugs are NR33, which will have a similar effect as noise cancelling headphones, but cheap! You want to aim for the same length as the plastic that needs to be covers on the ear buds.
Go ahead and make a few extra while your at it, your ears are nasty goo traps so replace often or buy some freaking q tips.

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