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Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. On the upside, the sound quality seems to be as good as the NC10’s (which have amazing sound quality, BTW. What I haven’t been able to test is the battery life but I’m pretty sure from the specs they’ll last as long as the NC10’s, which have amazing longevity. The latest model of them all comes with Beryllium diaphragm which is the only marked difference except for rose gold colour and bigger output valve . The easy going cheapest available drums from China's leading smartphone maker comes in a lot of variants but are of slightly lower quality . So, to help make your next flight quieter, we've gathered some of the most popular noise-cancelling headphones on the market and put them through a lab test with our panel of travel experts.
I also asked my brother to give them a try as he’s a frequent flyer and has been using Sony’s first-generation MDR-NC10’s since 1999. Unlike the big, over-the-head style noise cancelers from Bose, Able Planet, and JVC, these are super compact and fit inside your outer ear canal. The first time I flipped these on, I was sitting in an airport lounge with a lot of ambient noise and chatter. Also, I think the white cord will get very dirty over time and would prefer the black unit. These headphones are ideal for travelling as they come with a convenient fold up drawstring carrying bag. With the added comfort of the around-the-ear fit these headphones are the perfect travel companion for frequent flyers.

The Thinksound High Definition Passive Nose Isolating Wooden Headphones reduce the external noise while isolating all the sound you want to hear, without the added bulk. And that is to bring nature and art together in a way that inspires, awakens and excites your senses with every passing day, month and season. The review unit I received was white and had a nice opalescent and matte finish to the noise canceling unit.
And the monitor button works better in that the sound better simulates what you would hear without any headphones in, and there is no longer any sound “bleed” from the iPod (you could faintly hear the iPod play with monitor button depressed on the NC10’s).
While we can't guarantee you won't be seated near a crying infant, we can help you prepare for that day when it comes. The comfortable closed-ear design does an excellent job at blocking out and reducing externals noises and packing your sound with a punch.
This headphone set features a lightweight design with a PVC-free and tangle resistant cable that work to offer you crisp, clear, and balanced audio sound.
The intelligent auto noise canceling technology further enhances and optimizes sound performance and delivery in a lightweight option. This headphone set is ideal for flight travel as it comes with a direct cable for in-flight use on aircraft and has a collapsible construction for ease of packing and transportation.
They consist of two earbuds that are only slightly larger than regular earbuds (pretty good considering each ear bud has a microphone built-in), and a battery-powered control unit that does the active noise cancellation processing.
The earbuds did not seal as nicely as the NC10’s so I didn’t think they would work that well.
Sure, the noise canceling works better than the NC10’s, but the poor seal and loud hiss are enough to make me buy another set of NC11’s (the updated NC10’s) before they disappear forever.

It's because of these situations that frequent travelers consider noise-cancelling headphones a necessity rather than a luxury. At such a reasonable price, you can be sure to have the powerful and detailed sound that even professionals in video and sound production rave about! It even comes with four different sized flexible silicon ear inserts to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. There is no need to worry about an uncomfortable fit as this set comes with 3 different sizes of noise isolation earbuds and will provide you with 22 hours of battery life. These are different from the passive Etymotics and Shures which rely solely on a tight seal to shut out ambient noise.
The monitor button allows you to listen to what the tiny microphones hear (it mutes the iPod or whatever you’re plugged into), in case you want to, say, hear what the dinner choices are from the stewardess. I realized though that the noise canceling was so much more aggressive than the old ones that the overall effect was much better. No need to be concerned as these headphones take AAA batteries, giving you an average of 35 hours of uninterrupted listening pleasure.
The hum that was in the air instantly disappeared and the chatter from the TV and the other drunk business travelers was reduced nicely.

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