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If there was any doubt about Nintendo working on a new console, the Japanese company has laid all rumour to rest as they’ve confirmed the development of its upcoming console codenamed NX.
The hit organised crime series will be back later this year as 2K and Hangar 13 have announced the Mafia III. Apple has updated its MacBook range and now comes with an updated processor, improved graphics, storage and longer battery life. Rumours about a new PS4.5 or PS4K have been swirling for a while suggesting that Sony will launch an improved PS4 later this year that will have native 4K support. Returns & Refund Guarantee details Buyers can return the item(s) for a refund once they are not as described or possess any quality issues, and the buyer is to afford the return shipping cost. Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only. The headphones are powered by a single AAA battery, the holder for which is integrated into the headband. In terms of pure technical specifications, the headphones should be quite good, with a decent response bandwidth encompassing the middle-to-low end and a good top end.
Feel and fit: The NC6s are interesting because they're sort of comfortable, and sort of not.
The second issue is that the earphones themselves are very flat with just a thin covering of foam - there's no cushioning whatsoever. On the other hand, neither of these problems are so large that you can't put up with them, and at least one other person in the office had absolutely no problems wearing these for a prolonged period.
The actual earphones rotate in one direction horizontally and both directions vertically, allowing them to fit to the exact shape of the side of your head very well. Noise cancelling: We found that the NC6s had the best noise cancelling of any of the units on test.
We found that this pair was the best at blocking out voices, doing more than any other set to silence Tim's dulcet tones!
AKG may not be a household name alongside the likes of Sony or Philips, this is because they are better known for producing high quality studio equipment, most notably headphones and microphones.

AKG are known for there award winning studio sound quality and have worked to fit their big studio sound into these tiny in ear headphones. The combination of a beautiful, understated, sleek design coupled with great sound in a small lightweight package makes the AKG K 376 earphones a fantastic choice for the commuter or office worker. The MDR-EX31BN connects to a device over Bluetooth and supports digital noise cancellation feature. While they may seem like a relatively new brand, ZUK is in fact, a sub-brand of Lenovo that will try and offer powerpacked devices at competitive prices.
The meatier details are understandably kept under the wraps but Nintendo has shed the availability date, which will be sometime in March 2017.
The game will make its way to retail shelves from Oct 7 and will be available on three platforms – PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The all-metal unibody MacBook features sixth-generation dual-core Intel Core M processors up to 1.3 GHz, faster 1866 MHz memory, Intel HD Graphics 515 and faster PCIe-based flash storage.
With over 60 years experience of producing some of the best studio equipment around, they have combined their experience into making the K 376 earphones for use with modern smartphones. The AKG K 376 earphones deliver a crisp clarity that leave many other earphones far behind. Yes you can use multiple button clicks to control tracks, we weren’t aware of that when this review was written. The MDR-EX31BN has a 13.5mm sound driver unit that promises to offer high quality sound and block out the ambient noise for top notch audio and call quality.
We promise that the bluetooth headphones for running there are of high quality and durable.
The earpieces are made from beautifully machined metal housings that enclose 9mm audio drivers that seal them away from external noises. This allows you to ply or pause music playback and to accept or cancel incoming calls while on the go.
The bass is sufficiently heavy, retaining plenty of detail without overpowering the mids or top end.

Additionally, the earphones are equipped with NFC to enable easier pairing between the earphones and the Bluetooth device.
The clear and superior sound is carried through the cheap headphones and offers you an awesome sound enjoyment.
The included ear sleeves (3 sets: s, m, l) are softer than the usual style adaptors that you get with many other earphones, making them really comfortable.
As with most single button controls, you can double tap to skip forward a track or triple tap to skip back.
In use, they do a very good job of isolating external noises and also prevent your music from leaking out – making them ideal for commuting or office use. In addition to the high performance of the good headphones, the charming and unique design of is another selling point. Also in the box is a quality, AKG branded case to keep the earphones safe and out of harms way when you’re not using them. This keeps the design simple and we think that this works in favor of the AKG K 376 earphones. The lack of harshness in the mid range, combined with the soft ear sleeves means that ear fatigue really isn’t an issue. This is very much part of the complete package, and isn’t just thrown in as an afterthought as with so many other earphones on the market.
They are so comfortable that they can be worn for long extended periods of use without any problems at all.

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