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The Bose QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones are in-ear headphones that work with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Sony's Noise Cancelling Headphones reduce unwanted ambient noise, and provide a quieter environment to enhance your listening experience. These Sony folding headphones are lightweight and compact with deeply cushioned ear pads, you can listen to your iPod®, MP3 player or in-flight entertainment for hours in complete comfort. These compact Folding Noise-Cancelling Headphones from Able Planet utilize Linx Audio technology to deliver superb sound quality and provide your own personal sanctuary from airline noise and other noise disturbances.
The Clear Harmony Foldable Active Noise Cancelling Headphones provide a sound quality that will delight even the most discernable ear. We have 2 pairs of Bose over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones and do not travel without them for any cross county, trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific flights. Combining Sony Electronics’ expertise in superior sound quality, comfort, and beautiful design, with Sony Music’s knowledge of current music trends, the new MDR-1 premium headphones deliver an enhanced acoustic design allowing listeners to hear the music the way artists intended it to sound in the studio. These headphones provide noise canceling and Aware mode to turn off the noise canceling feature. This works by using one or more microphones placed near the ear, and electronic circuitry which uses the microphone signal to generate an "antinoise" signal.

With the top rating is the Sony headphones which are designed to eliminate up to 85% of distracting ambient noise.
Tune into your music and tune out airplane engine drone, crying babies and chatty passengers en route.
A housing inside each earphone works with electronic circuitry to create an opposite sound wave to cancel out noise. In-line volume control and comfortable over-the-ear fit make for easy listening from take-off to landing. Small and compact, they are both lightweight and comfortable with superior sound quality and clarity. You can activate the Sony noise cancelling feature then turn on and off the simulated airplane engine noise to hear for yourself the before and after. Available in standard, Bluetooth® wireless and digital noise canceling versions, the new MDR-1 headphones is a result of a unique collaboration between Sony Electronics and Sony Music Entertainment. Sony engineers and music artists identified the critical 30-40Hz sub-bass region that is signature of today’s music styles and developed an enhanced Beat Response Control design for the new MDR-1 headphones, featuring a closed back for maximum isolation and exceptional bass response. When the antinoise signal is produced by the speaker driver in the headphone, the interference cancels out the ambient noise as heard within the enclosed volume of the headphone.

Designed to eliminate up to 85% of ambient noise, these top quality headphones have a convenient monitor switch that lets you hear the flight attendant or captain's announcement without taking them off.
They feature state-of-the art noise cancellation, and their in-line volume control makes for easy adjustment to safe listening levels.
If you don’t already have one, you can try this Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones MDR10RC. With enlarged air vents at the back of each driver, music lovers experience a quick and rhythmic low frequency response.
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