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Bose Quietcomfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones - Headphones - JB Hi-Fi - Smashing Prices!
You can choose to add the product to the cart and we'll ship when the product becomes available. Sony's Dual Noise Sensor Technology combines Feedback and Feedforward Microphones with a digital noise-cancelling software engine to eradicate external noises, for a truly immersive audio experience. Unlike conventional amplifiers that convert sound to analogue before amplifying, Sonya€™s S-Master Full Digital Amplifiers use a fully digital process that successfully avoids distortion and ensures your music sounds just like the original recording. Engineered to perfection, Sony's 40mm driver units provide a wideband audio performance range from 6Hz to an impressive 24,000Hz. A single AAA battery powers up to 20 hours of noise-cancelling perfection for a truly immersive audio experience.
Now with BluetoothA® streaming and Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity, you dona€™t have to worry about cables.

Feel every bass beat of your music come alive with sculpted air vents located on the headphones that maximise airflow to accurately reproduce heart-thumping rhythms and beats. Thanks to the large 40mm Neodymium Driver units, the MDR-ZX770BN delivers intense bass beats so you can enjoy the booming sound of your thumping tracks. Enjoy continuous music playback time with a battery life that lasts up to 19 hours* with BluetoothA® switched on. Listen to your favourite music at ease with soft, wrap-around ear cushions that cup your ears securely and optimises sound clarity. Please check back with us soon.To contact a Retail Sony Store, please click here or use our Dealer Locator. The fully automatic AI Noise-cancelling circuitry automatically selects the optimal noise cancelling (for aircraft, train, bus or office) through analysis of available ambient noise.
The MDR-ZX770BN offers a wire-free music experience with easy control over receiving calls and playing music.

With the highly accurate Digital Noise Cancelling software, a variety of ambient noises such as traffic sounds are blocked out effectively, so you can always tune into your world no matter where you are. Also, its wide frequency response from 8Hz to 22,000Hz enables you to hear the powerful lows to radiant highs, for perfect audio indulgence. The MDR-ZX770BN is also designed with a solid metal headband with an adjustable outer slider to ensure the headphones sit neatly around your head without loosening. With NFC One-touch listening, pair your NFC-enabled smartphone with the headphones to begin streaming and listening to music in just one tap.

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