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Listening to music and being insulated from external noise are features that more and more Smartphone users are looking for. For a brand-new listening experience, Parrot has paid special attention to the audio output from ZIK.
Sliding your finger vertically on the touch sensitive control panel adjusts the volume of your music or the caller voice. Remove your headphones to put your music on hold or press the right panel with your finger. The active noise reduction can be switched on or off directly by using the switch in the ZIK menu. Tap on the right headphone to take or end a call, touch the panel for two seconds to reject it. The system software update screen displays the current ZIK name, and the current ZIK Product Software version.

Parrot has designed the perfect solution to address these desires, introducing wireless headphones that act as an extension of your Smartphone.
Sliding your finger horizontally on the touch sensitive control panel plays the next track or returns to the previous one. The battery level menu menu allows the user to know the current state of the ZIK’s battery. Sliding your finger horizontally on the control panel allows you to switch between two calls. Like your Smartphone, ZIK has integrated a sensitive touch panel, giving hyper-intuitive access to the various features available. Lastly, to insulate you from external noise, Parrot has developed an ultra-high performance active noise cancellation system which eliminates up to 98% of ambient noise. For optimum listening comfort while on the phone, ZIK is equipped with two technologies for pinpointing the sound of your voice.

While traditional ANC audio headphones only use two microphones to analyze ambient noises, ZIK has 4 microphones located inside and outside each earpiece offering the user complete clarity whilst listening. The user can choose from among the various presets (Flat, Pop, Club, Punchy, Deep, Crystal, User) to adjust the frequencies to the style of music you are listening to. Combined with the use of a double microphone, the bone detection sensor detects and analyzes the vibrations of the jaw in order to detect only your words and remove any background noise.

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