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Coming in a somewhat futuristic design because of the silver metallic paints on the cups, the Bose QuietComfort 3 feels strong enough even if made out of plastic.
Being an on-ear design, the Bose QuietComfort 3 is pretty impressive with the memory cushions for both ear cups, making longer listening—or noise cancelling—comfortable enough. The main feature, which is the active noise-cancelling feature in Bose QuietComfort 3 works by using an exterior microphone for capturing ambient or external noise, negating those waves on the inside, thus resulting in a much quiet environment with or without music playing on each cup. Moreover, with the included battery, I wish it would do more than simply cancelling noise, like at least be able to play some few music from within if not via Bluetooth.
And lastly, for the music or audio quality, you’re sure to enjoy more immersive music and movie listening experience because of the active noise cancellation feature. For my verdict, the Bose QuietComfort 3 features a very distinct material out of simply listening to music. It's also worth noting that the in-line remote just didn't feel like it would hold up that well.
As I said in my review of the Harman Kardon NC headphones, one of the problems with active noise-canceling headphones is that you usually give up some sound quality whenever you move to a model that runs your sound through noise-canceling circuitry.
Companies like Harman Kardon and Bose have managed to do a good job making their active noise-canceling headphones sound clean (in the case of the Bose QC 15s, I would use the adjective "smooth"). On the plus side, unlike the Bose QC 15s, you can use these in passive mode, with the noise cancellation turned off. It's worth mentioning that I also compared this Monoprice model with the Creative HN-900, which has a very similar design and can be had for less than $70 online. With the Monoprice Noise Canceling Headphone, you're getting a product that's about 70 percent as good as the Bose QC15 for a little more than a third of the price.
If you're on the fence about these, I should note that Monoprice does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on them, so you can order them and get a hold of a pair of Bose QC15s to do your own comparison.

Hah, I ‘d say, but the new QuietComfort 3—or QC3—of Bose offers that kind of service or utility to its users. The plastic material though is not really that brittle, but is incredibly light making the overall device weigh at just 136grams. As per my tests, I saw the mechanism worked just fine in silencing the sound, but the equivalency of the performance weighs just the same as some headbands of today which offer passive noise-cancelling features. The battery can do its job on about more or less than a day, but the problem comes in when the battery drains and you don’t have any spare on its carrying case, resulting in a totally useless device not even capable of playing anything. Adding to this, the not-so-techie specs on the inside do really great, but not as great as what is being offered on the late headbands of today. However, its price is still relatively high compared to the list of features, making users look for some better options like having AAA batteries instead or preferring those with passive noise-cancelling feature.
You tend to lose a bit of clarity, which is evident with headphones like the Monster Inspiration, which come in passive and active noise-canceling versions (the passive version sounds cleaner). And while these Monoprice headphones sound fairly decent for a noise-canceling model (they have strong bass), they just don't have the level of clarity that those much higher-priced models do. There was a faint hiss when I activated the noise-cancellation, and it didn't muffle the sound as well as the Bose -- which has the best noise cancellation I've encountered. The Monoprice proved to be a step up from that Creative, with better build quality, better sound, and better noise cancellation. For some people that will be good enough, and it helps that Monoprice throws in some extra accessories, including the in-line microphone for smartphone use. Priced relatively high at $350, this seemingly luxurious stuff is something much different to other headphones of today in a very significant way. Adding to this, the simple design with relatively narrow bands for the head can be trimmed down to a flat size to fit in to its very own sturdy case.

Adding to this, you must not expect to hear an absolute silence; the feature works only by minimizing the ambient noise to the least level.
This is where those AAA-powered headbands come in advantage since, though heavier and less modern, the versatility and availability comes very much handier. The mids are just clean enough with a somewhat natural feel, the highs are a minute lesser but does not feel like they’re being ‘pressed,’ and the lows are just heart-pumping enough.
The Monoprice's noise cancellation may also be slightly behind the Harman Kardon NC and Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9, but it's pretty close. And the fact is, the headphones have a tight enough seal around your ear to keep out a lot of ambient noise. I preferred the Creative's simple, matte finish, and while they're lighter and a touch more comfortable, the headband on the Monoprice model is sturdier, and the Creative's earpads don't use memory foam. Despite a few flaws, at $112 or so, they're a decent deal if you're looking for a budget pair of noise-canceling headphones. Unlike the usual headbands that offer the greatest ends on the sound quality, this going-vintage ’06 model features its innate power to muffle background sound with or without music playing on it. The said case looked pretty slim also with just the right amount of slots or pockets where accessories and paraphernalia can be secured. But if you’re really an audiophile who wants to experience the music as what its origin promises, you might be likely to look for better options.
With the Monoprice headphones, you're aware of the band pushing against the top of your head.

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