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When headset radios first appeared in stores several decades ago, they were not marketed as hearing protectors - a good thing, since they offered very little attenuation of noise. When two noise sources are added together, the decibels are added logarithmically, not arithmetically.
Since the radio output is limited to a safe 82 dB maximum, the radio adds very little sound energy to effective exposures in high noise levels.
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When using these earmuffs in industrial settings, doesn't the radio just add more noise to damage hearing? At some frequencies, the headsets were even found to amplify background noise (with the radio turned off) due to resonance in the earcup. Ideally, a radio headset would allow the enjoyment of music at safe levels, but also reduce the background disturbance in a noisy environment. When the radio is turned on (active mode), the sound output is electronically limited to 82 dB. In a high-noise job that is also repetitive or monotonous, a radio earmuff can add significantly to worker satisfaction and enjoyment, without sacrificing hearing protection. To be a hearing protector, an earmuff must be designed to be a hearing protector from the start.

The noise level of the radio will certainly fluctuate (even though there is an 82 dB maximum cutoff in the circuitry, the average noise level of the signal may be much lower).
But for the sake of the following example, let's just assume the worst case radio noise - a constant noise level of 82 dB from the radio - worn in environmental noise of 90 and 100 dB. Remember, lists that are not submitted will be lost when you either close your browser or log out of My Safety.

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