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Rhymesayers Entertainment & Brother Ali are proud to announce the release of Left In The Deck, a brand new demo tape style release from Brother Ali.
Brother Ali took to social media to announce a surprise album that he released worldwide today at Noon CST. As we embark on the War And Peace Tour with my brother, Immortal Technique, I’m excited to release a new musical project. Starting tomorrow at 12pm CST you can stream the entire album for FREE, but for all those kind enough to buy any Brother Ali shirt on the War And Peace Tour this fall, you’ll also receive a digital download card of the album with your purchase.
Similar Articles Rhymesayers Welcomes Dem Atlas To The Family Step Brothers Releases “Mums In The Garage” ft. I’m sure this will come off as a rather unpopular opinion, but Blessthefall is one of those bands I have never been able to get into. This lack of sharp-hitting clean vocals appears throughout the majority of To Those Left Behind. For every rather clunky track, however, Blessthefall also deliver a very strong technical piece to counteract it.

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. I’ve seen them live, and they put on an energetic and interactive show, but their records have just never held up for me. It beautifully intertwines both the clean vocals with the uncleans as it builds up to a very well executed and acute bridge, but with such a heightened focus on a rather loaded and guttural sound, Beau Bokan’s rather dull pointed melodic cleans just miss the mark. I spent every track grinding my teeth wishing Bokan would just push through a little more to really round out the space his vocals take up. This is definetly one i’d pick up at your best buy or cd store, for those long road trip rides. They’re the standard metalcore band with sick guitar licks, awesome drum fills and intense vocals, but it just never clicked.
Had the guitar levels not been overwhelmed by the volume put on Bokan’s melodic cleans, some of the strongest moments of the record would shine a bit more clearly. While many people are sure to enjoy this album for its classic metalcore sound, it just isn’t one for me.

So when reviewing their latest record, To Those Left Behind, I made it my goal to try and pinpoint exactly what it was that made it so I couldn’t get into a band that on paper I should love.
These songs were left in their original demo form and are intended only for my family of direct supporters.
The best moment of the track is the isolation on the drums, which really displays the prowess and talent stored within drummer Matt Traynor without being muddied by too much vocal melody. The beats are grimy and I feel like this is some of the best rhyming I’ve ever captured on tape.

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