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And now with expanding cities buckling under the noise from traffic and industries, along with the blaring of loudspeakers and the cacophony of open air markets, noise has become a disturbing and at times hazardous feature of modern life.
But unfortunately the menace of sound pollution has failed to receive the serious attention that the problem of air pollution has attracted.
Noise is generally defined as the sound that is disturbing at the normal level of human perception of sound.
Studies show that short exposure to a high level of noise may result in temporary deafness lasting from a few seconds to few days. High levels of environmental noise can disrupt the sleep of babies and interfere with normal biological activity. Explosive sounds of about 150 dB can puncture the eardrum or cause permanent damage to the nerve endings and associated part of the cochlea. The effect of noise on working efficiency depends on the type of the work being performed and the frequency of noise competes. Because noise increases the possibilities of errors in both skilled and manual labour as well as mental work, The chances of accidents occurring are considerable and safety both of the operators and others is at stake.
Uninterrupted exposure to loud music even if enjoyable to the hearer can also cause injury to the hearing mechanism due to high sound pressure.

Unchecked exposure to noise can cause afflictions ranging from headaches, fatigue and insomnia to construction of blood vessels hypertension and cardiovascular problems. It is interesting to see a comparison between air and noise pollution, with the overwhelming amount of people that are affected by noise induced hearing loss maybe it is time that environmental damage to hearing took more precedence. For instance, in ancient Greece, the rulers in order to insulate cities from the nuisance of din and bustle. And the subtle and invidious threat of the rising decibel level continues to threaten human peace and health. However, the degree of disturbance varies widely with the sensitivity of the person as well as factors such as age, health of the hearing mechanism and the nature of the stress and strains undergone by the individual. However, prolonged exposure during the working period produces permanent and as yet incurable deafness.
Noises capable of causing permanent damage are those originating from exposing, jet aircraft and certain industrial processes in which the noise is amplified by diaphragm action, generally. It is surmised that noise competes, with other sensory processes requiring the subject to turn his attention to it on and off. In short, irritability induced by noise sets in a process of both psychological and mental disruption leading to insomnia and loss of concentration.

It has now been well established that prolonged exposure to high levels of noise may cause loss or impairment of hearing. Therefore, it is suggested that in highly noisy work places, workers should be taken off to an area of quiet for short intervals by building some noise free rooms. Although most people are unlikely to experience such high noise levels, noise may be annoying or disturbing to them. Evidently, occupational deafness can be completely prevented by continuous monitoring of sound and introduction of safe practices. Experts say that the continuous exposure to noise above 85  dB is detrimental to human health in a variety of ways.

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