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Sound is actually a vibrating wave of pressure that travels through the air (or through liquids or solids for that matter). There are three main parts to the ears: the outer ear (purple in the figure below), the middle ear (green), and the inner ear (blue). The Eustachian tube (at the bottom of the picture) is the connection from the middle ear space to the back of your nose.  Whenever you are on an airplane or otherwise experience changes in air pressure, you can clear pressure out of your ears by yawning which opens the Eustachian tube. Sensorineural hearing loss: caused by problems with the inner ear, cochlear nerve, or brain.
We’ll talk more about common diseases and problems that cause hearing loss in a future post.
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Evans Your ears are amazing and intricate structures that capture sounds and convert them into electrical signals that zip into your brain. It is divided into the snail-shaped hearing organ (called the cochlea) and the balance organ which is composed of the semicircular canals among other things.
Then tiny cells inside the cochlea convert the sound pressure waves into electrical signals that are passed to the brain via the cochlear nerve.

The part of your ears that you see acts as a funnel to collect sound waves that pass down to your ear drum (also known as the tympanic membrane).
When doctors talk about “fluid in the ears” as a problem, what they are talking about is fluid in the MIDDLE ear space.
Normally, the middle ear space should be filled with air, and the air pressure should be the same as the air outside your body.

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