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Michelle Maffei is a freelance copywriter covering a variety of topics both online and in print, from parenting to beauty and more. Just as having the latest products for kids can make parenting a little easier, these cutting-edge tools for children with autism can make life easier for kids diagnosed with ASD. Many autistic children and kids with autistic-like behaviors thrive on routine, so when they are learning the ropes, or you're prepping them for change, Little Blueprint customized books are designed to prime kids for what's next.
Boasted as a sanity saver for parents of kids with or without autism, the Bluetooth tracker warns parents about wandering children before they leave your designated vicinity.
Perfect for fulfilling sensory needs, Junior Beads are crafted with your little fashionista in mind. Fashioned as a sports watch and developed by a child psychologist, the WatchMinder helps kids with autism and ADHD to keep track of tasks, reinforce positive behaviors like "pay attention" and manage their medication schedule on their own. With access to a slew of apps like Brain Parade developed specifically for kids with autism spectrum disorders, iPads help children living with autism improve their motor, cognitive and communication skills.

For some children on the autism spectrum, the cocooning effect of the deep, even pressure that the Sensory Pea Pod offers helps calm their core and fulfill their sensory needs. For kids with auditory sensitivity or on an ASD sensory diet, these playful animal-design noise reduction ear muffs give kids with autism shelter in a sensory storm. Based on the similar calming effect swaddling has for babies, weighted blankets like SensaCalm give children with autism and sensory processing disorders the calm and comfort they need to fall asleep.
From books that help prepare kids for what comes next to noise reduction earmuffs in the hottest styles, discover nine must-have gadgets for kids with autism. Worn on the wrist as a watch-style wristband, terry cloth band or Velcro wristband, the BuddyTag pairs with select smart phones via a free app to keep your child's whereabouts in check.
Made by the creators of Chewbeads, the non-toxic necklaces and bracelets meet the tactile needs for kids who put everything in their mouths. The vibrating wristwear is also discrete, making it more likely your student will be willing to wear it.

With portability and a touchscreen navigation system that traditional desktop computers cannot provide, each customizable iPad can be tailored to your child and his or her specific needs.
Made of inflatable vinyl and flocked for comfort, the surface-washable pod is available in three sizes. There are other animals available as well, such as the turtle and the love bug, which kids both with and without autism spectrum disorder will love. With an adjustable padded headband and comfortable ear cushions that nestle around the ears, the special safe design boasts a 27-decibel noise-reduction rating while still allowing children to hear conversations.
Made to order in the size, weight and fabric you choose, the deep pressure delivers the soothing tactile input their bodies need.

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