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You are considering to buy this product but can not go over hundreds and thousands of reviews? In Internet Forum they called it "The Real Amplifier" & it has around 100 high quality transistor. The best headphones I have ever tried or owned!I am one of those folks who loved headphones when they were the 'vintage' style. Said it worked great, was very comfortable and didn't make his ears all sweating like other headsets have in the past (he plays computer games for hours). His last headset he sat on and cracked them into pieces these do not seem to be weak like those were. Almost like the ones they use in recording studios.These are so very similar to those, with a modern twist!

In addition, an input level control accommodating input levels from 190 mV to 8 volts provides the ultimate in system interface flexibility. A Amplifier Performance Beyond the Conventional A Nakamichi's latest offering of Mobile Power Amplifiers deliver sonic excellence, flexibility and cosmetic design that's destined to become the reference standard other amplifiers will be judged against.
Like that there is a button to mute the mic because sometimes it gets hectic here with all the kids running around and I rather that everyone not hear all the noise in the background.
Delivering this new level of performance required a totally fresh approach to circuit design, parts selection, circuit layout and construction techniques. Highly recommend.I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions reflected in this review are of my own. By utilizing a fully-complementary high-speed amplifier design with discrete transistors, coupled to a fully regulated PWM power supply with high-current MOSFET devices, an enormous reserve of dynamic power is available in reserve to reproduce accurately the most demanding of your musical selections.

Nakamichi propritary Harmonic Time Alignmena„? amplifier topology is also employed to ensure the highest musical fidelity. They are so soft and comfortable and cup my ear perfectly!The head strap on these is comfortable as well.
The result is a technological tour de force with power so clean and abundant that it will please even the most radical SPL competitor as well as the critical ear of the music aficionado. These robust power amplifiers provide considerable flexibility accommodating a wide range of system configurations.

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